This new Spanish series is dominating the Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)

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This new Spanish series is dominating the Netflix charts

While the English titles are getting mediocre by the minute, Netflix has been killing it with foreign-language titles. From Squid Game and Money Heist to All Of Us Are Dead and Elite, the streaming giant’s latest collection of foreign-language content has been attracting global acclaim. As of now, a new Spanish thriller has been dominating Netflix charts and indicates the potential of becoming the next Money Heist

Titled Wrong Side of the Tracks, the series has become the seventh most-watched title on Netflix and the fourth most-watched TV show. 

It revolves around a jaded war veteran named Tirso Abantos who lives in Entrevias in Madrid. When the area is infiltrated by drug honchos, Tirso’s granddaughter falls prey to the crowd, compelling Tirso to do something about it. 

His granddaughter, Irene, unhappy with her life, plans to make money and run away with her boyfriend, Nelson. This prompts the pair to a life of drug dealing, landing them in epic trouble with the police and the drug lords. 

Irene turns to her grandfather for help and the latter will do anything to bring her back to the right side of the tracks. As Tirso tries to fight back against the dealers to mete out vigilante justice, complications arise, along with unprecedented conflict. 

Often compared to Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino, the series chronicles the fight of an old man against burgeoning problems for his loved granddaughter against the backdrop of moral degradation and crime. 

The show, initially called Entrevias, arrived on Netflix on May 20th, 2022, with eight searing episodes that have attracted audience attention. 

Starring Jose Coronado, Nona Sobo and Felipe Londono, this Spanish series deserves your immediate attention!