This Netflix film has the most shocking sex scene of 2021
(Credit: Netflx)


This Netflix film has the most shocking sex scene of 2021

In Netflix’s newest Spanish concoction of two of the most disturbing films in the history of cinema, namely The Human Centipede and Saw, titled Dos or Two, the film records one of the most shocking and gruesome sex scenes of the year that also sees a disturbing incestuous twist. 

Directed by Mar Targarona, this 2021 Spanish horror thriller sees two strangers, Sara and David, played by Marina Gatell and Pablo Derqui, wake up naked in a bed to see their abdomens stitched together. Even the slightest movement shoots a searing pain through their bodies. 

Despite this, the two characters, end up having sex in a weird and disturbing manner. Definitely, a pornographic sequence Jigsaw would be proud of! 

However, the duo tries to get to the bottom of this act to find out who their captor is. Although they initially suspect it to be Sara’s domineering and controlling spouse, Mario, they soon chance upon an even more sinister truth after the lights are shut off when they kiss for a second time. 

The duo are actually long-lost conjoined twins that were placed in separate foster care systems after their birth. Their mother was dead and their father was a crazed schizophrenic, aka the psychopath who was conducting this deranged, incestuous experiment on them.   

After a heavy scuffle, both David and their father are injured. On David’s insistence, Sara severs herself free and tries to find help. However, the intense bleeding from her fresh wounds prevents her from doing so and she lies dead in the snow. 

In one of the most depraved and deranged sexual scenes of the year, the Spanish flick has managed to shock many and challenged one of Saussure’s rules of being human by showing explicit incestuous content. It has not received warm reception due to its poor execution and has been accused of being muddled and flimsy. 

Dos is available for streaming on Netflix now.