This Keanu Reeves classic is now one of Netflix’s most popular films
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This Keanu Reeves classic is now one of Netflix’s most popular films

Keanu Reeves is a pop-cultural phenomenon. With his iconic beard and chin-length hair that adds to his aesthetic, Reeves is a highly accomplished actor whose superstardom has transcended any genre constriction. A thorough philanthropist and extremely humble, Reeves’ career underwent a resuscitation- also known as Kenessaince- following his performance as John Wick in the eponymous film. 

Reeves initially started on television before starring in his breakthrough role alongside River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho. Lately, the actor was seen in the fourth sequel to the Matrix franchise, titled The Matrix Resurrections. Reeves will also be seen reprising the role of John Wick in two upcoming unnamed sequels. 

Netflix has a series of Keanu Reeves films available for streaming, and fans love revisiting his old classics that often send his movies to the Top 10 most popular Netflix films charts. 

Currently, one such Keanu Reeves classic is dominating the charts. After Chad Stahelski’s 2014 film John Wick was a success, Reeves’ character became a defining figure in the genre. Seen as one of the best action films of the year, the film recorded Reeves’s best career-defining performance. 

Stahelski’s love for westerns, martial arts films and anime films were palpable in his tale of rage, violence and revenge, where the well-stylised action sequences laced with humour derived inspiration from Hong Kong action cinema. 

Currently, Netflix viewers are loving its immediate sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2

Released in 2017, the film sees John Wick make a return with his desired peaceful retirement long-forgotten. Bound by a blood bond to an Italian crimelord, a disillusioned recluse, John Wick sports an unimpressed, taciturn impression as he embarks on a relentless rampage. 

With a massive bounty on his head, Wick’s quest is compelling and brilliant. A rare sequel that is perhaps better than the original, the action sequences are fluid, mesmerising and gruesome once again. While the filmmaker takes his time in building up the story in the first hour, it is in the second half when merciless action kicks in. 

Given how fascinating the film (and the entire franchise is), the film is soaring on Netflix charts thanks to Reeves’ blank expression that speaks volumes. 

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