This animated family film is topping charts on Netflix US
(Credit: Netflix)


This animated family film is topping charts on Netflix US

Did The Office (US) fans ever imagine the legendary Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, to become the paternal figure to a bunch of yellow, adorable alien-like creatures that are always clad in denim dungarees? These minions became an absolute fan favourite with the 2010 Universal Pictures production, Despicable Me

The 2010 flick had a sequel called Despicable Me 2 that became the third highest-grossing film of its year of release (2013) and was even nominated for the Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song at the Oscars. 

Directed by Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin, the film featured the voices of Carell, Russell Brand, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, Kristen Wigg and Ken Jeong. 

It has currently dominated Netflix charts in the United States, topping them consistently, ahead of films like The Tinder Swindler, Home Team, My Best Friend Anne Frank and others. 

In the film, Gru, voiced by Carell, is finally trying to adjust to stable family life with his three adorable daughters instead of playing a despicable supervillain. He is also trying to set up a jam business with the minions. 

However, he is soon recruited by a group of officials to get back into the swing of things that abound in gadgets, supercars, madness and chaos with the minions while trying to save the world from the clutches of a nefarious madman aiming for world domination.

With its brilliant and striking visuals and futuristic designs, the film abounds in gags and humour that is expected of light-hearted family flicks. The overall sense of humankind being in jeopardy is well balanced with the usual hilarious antics of the minions. 

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