The World War II documentary storming the Netflix charts
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The World War II documentary storming the Netflix charts

The Netflix library is loaded with engaging documentaries. Some don’t always meet the expectations, but most hit the mark in drawing in large viewership. 

The latest war documentary that is storming Netflix, World War II: From the Frontlines, has surged to the fifth spot on the streaming platform’s global top ten list of series. With an impressive 20.3 million hours viewed in its debut week, this war documentary has found its way to the top ten list in 61 countries.

Narrated by They Cloned Tyrone star John Boyega, the series transcends traditional documentaries by presenting voices from all sides of the conflict, bringing World War II to life with enhanced archival footage never seen before.

Each episode delves into pivotal moments of the war, such as the German invasion of Austria and Czechoslovakia in ‘The Master Race’ and Hitler’s ambitious Operation Barbarossa in ‘World Domination’. The series masterfully captures the ebb and flow of the conflict, from the Axis powers’ seeming invincibility to the turning point after the Battle of Stalingrad.

However, while engaging, the documentary has not been without controversy. In the first episode, a notable discrepancy surfaced during the quoting of Winston Churchill’s famous speech. The line “Upon this battle depends the survival of civilisation” was presented, deviating from the historical record of Churchill’s actual words: “Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilisation.” 

This alteration has sparked a debate over the potential implications of modifying iconic speeches. It has also raised questions about the historical accuracy of the documentary itself. 

Despite the controversy, World War II: From the Frontlines has achieved widespread acclaim, earning its place in the top ten Netflix shows in countries ranging from Argentina to New Zealand.

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