‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ release date has changed
(Credit: Netflix)


‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ release date has changed

With The Rings Of Power and House of The Dragon vying for dominance, there’s no shortage of fantasy television at the moment. Still, fans of The Witcher are keeping their eyes peeled for the much-anticipated third season, Blood Origin, which was slated for arrival this October.

The bad news is that The Witcher: Blood Origin won’t be coming to Netflix this month. However, it is still scheduled for 2022, so it’s not too far off. Some sources have suggested that the delay is because of a need to reshoot certain scenes in order to develop character stories.

So, what can we expect from Blood Origin, and when is it going to arrive? Well, at the end of September, Netflix revealed the new release date for the prequel series. We’ll have to wait another couple of months because the new premiere is, in fact, December 25th, otherwise known as Christmas Day.

While The Witcher isn’t exactly brimming with festive cheer, Netflix is hoping that families will gather to watch the new series during the holiday season. According to Comic Book, the season has been shortened from six to four episodes, which is probably why the reshoots have been organised.

There are Easter eggs to keep an eye out for too. Keen-eyed viewers will find answers to questions posed in the OG series. Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Kissrich is an executive producer on the prequel, so this new instalment will likely carry the same reverence for storytelling. Despite the delay, The Witcher looks set to keep moving forward.