The Will Smith sci-fi action drama climbing the Netflix chart
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

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The Will Smith sci-fi action drama climbing the Netflix chart

Gemini Man, the 2019 film sci-fi film starring Will Smith, has been a dominant force on the global Netflix English top ten charts for four consecutive weeks now, steadily climbing higher. In this week alone, the film managed to amass a staggering 10.3million watch hours and garnered 5.3million total views. This is not even the first time Gemini Man has pushed its way to the top.

Directed by Life of Pi and  Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee, this sci-fi action drama has been captivating audiences on Netflix for days now. It is the latest addition to the long list of films that may have been critically panned upon initial release but somehow found its audience on the streaming platform.

Lee’s vision for Gemini Man was to push the boundaries of modern filmmaking, with a particular emphasis on visual effects. The film used an unprecedented use of high frame rate (HFR) technology, 3D filming, and de-ageing techniques to create a seamless blend of action and emotion.

Gemini Man explores the fascinating concepts of identity, ethics, and the blurred lines of morality within the realm of cutting-edge technology and government espionage. The film’s central plot revolves around a government assassin, Henry Brogan, portrayed by Will Smith. Despite being one of the most elite assassins in the world, Brogan begins to question his work.

As Henry yearns for a tranquil life beyond the shadows of his past, he is pursued by an unexpected and relentless adversary—a younger clone of himself who was created by a clandestine government organisation.

Despite being criticised for its flimsy story, Gemini Man was lauded for its stunning visuals—which has come to be expected of Lee at this point—as well as the performances. Smith portrays not only the seasoned assassin Henry Brogan but also his younger clone, Junior. The film also stars  Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Benedict Wong.

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