The wild story behind Carrie’s iconic tutu in ‘Sex and the City’
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The wild story behind Carrie's iconic tutu in 'Sex and the City'

When we reminisce about Sex and the City, our minds drift to more than just its bold discussions on relationships, sex, city living, and the infamous cosmos sipped at Manhattan bars. Among the many things that defined this iconic series, one stood out in the opening sequence: Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion-forward tutu. However, the story behind this iconic piece is as fascinating as the show itself.

Patricia Field, the genius behind the series’ costume designs, revealed to WWD that the now-famous tutu was not a lavish purchase from any high-end boutique brand. Instead, it emerged from the depths of a bargain bin, costing a mere $5. Yes, you read that right!

According to initial plans, Sarah Jessica Parker was supposed to wear a 1998 Marc Jacobs dress for the opening credits. However, Field wanted something that better represented Carrie Bradshaw’s eclectic style. Parker donned the skirt one more time in the 2008 movie during a closet cleaning scene. 

This impromptu tutu, which graced our screens during the opening credits of Sex and the City for six long years, was once a humble find buried amidst discounted garments. In that regard, this tutu became symbolic of the show’s ability to blend high fashion with a touch of whimsy and thriftiness, which in turn became a mantra for the ‘fashion girlies’ in the early years of the noughties. 

Following its skyrocketing popularity, Field began crafting similar versions of the tutu for eager fans. However, hers were priced at $140. But what is even wilder is how much the original tutu sold for at an auction later.

This iconic piece of television history found itself under the hammer, as Julien’s Auctions offered fans a chance to own a piece of the Sex and the City legacy. Anticipated to fetch a respectable sum between $8,000 and $12,000, the bidding for Carrie’s tutu soared to unprecedented heights. The final winning bid? A staggering $52,000, surpassing all expectations and cementing its status as a coveted collector’s item.

However, the lucky bidder of Carrie’s iconic tutu isn’t alone in owning a piece of Sex and the City history. While the auctioned skirt is unique, multiple versions of it were created for continuity purposes. Parker also owns at least one of these replicas that were used on the show as per Instyle.

The humble tutu’s journey from a bargain bin discovery to a ludicrously high-priced sensation mirrors the show’s trajectory, which went from being a fun television series to a cultural phenomenon.

You can watch Sex and the City on Netflix, where all six seasons are streaming right now.