The wild ending of ‘Fake Profile’ explained
(Credit: Netflix)


The wild ending of 'Fake Profile' explained

Colombian Netflix title Fake Profile arrived on the streaming site somewhat unnoticed last month, but now everyone has witnessed its thrill. Its gripping plot has taken it to the Top 10 list on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Fake Profile tells the story of a Las Vegas stripper, Camila (Carolina Miranda), who falls for a high-end plastic surgeon, only to discover he’s a married father of two. Whilst this might seem like a relatively simple tale on the face of it, what unfolds is a dark tale featuring ample intrigue, secrets and violence. 

So what happens at the end of Fake Profile? After learning that her dying father, Pedro (Víctor Mallarino), has engineered a complicated plot to finish both his children’s relationships, Angela (Manuela González), seeks to have Camila killed. Despite his infidelities being the primary plot driver, she convinces her husband, Miguel (Rodolfo Salas), to dispose of the body.

However, Camila, who was unwittingly brought into Miguel’s web of lies via a dating app, survives the attack, which she alerts her ex-lover to while he disposes of her body. Miguel takes her to an abandoned residence to recover. 

Things aren’t so straightforward for Camila, though. Not long after being saved, she’s hunted by Pedro’s assistant Tina (Juliana Galvis). Instead of killing her straightaway, she leaves Camila to “die of starvation”. The drama does not finish there, with Tina’s rope skills letting her down as Camila frees herself. The escapee then calls taxi driver David (Lincoln Palomeque) to pick her up before heading to Angela’s residence for the climactic face-off with another person in tow who also survived their fate.

Elsewhere, Miguel and Angela have a heated argument wherein the former asserts that the latter turns herself in to the police. While it is unfolding, they have a severe car accident. Angela manages to escape from the wreckage and takes revenge on Miguel by leaving him to die in the explosion that ensues. 

Strangely, it is never revealed how Miguel survived the explosion, despite his fate looking nailed on. Back at Angela’s, she begins to shoot at Miguel and Camila. They escape by jumping out of the second-floor window, with Camila needing rehab before she returns to work in Las Vegas. At the end of the season, she’s now with David, but Miguel watches from afar, suggesting he’s still in love with her. 

It has been noted that Pedro’s plot does work. Both of his children are single by the time the final credits play. However, Angela is now in jail, having fatally shot him in the final bedroom showdown. A month later, she maintains that she’ll do everything in her power to uphold Pedro’s legacy, despite being in police custody. 

As a final cherry on the cake, with Angela in prison, Camila’s mother is also free. Camila uses the money from Miguel to hire a powerful lawyer to acquit her mother, who was jailed years before for killing her abusive husband. 

Watch the trailer for Fake Profile below.