The wacky Adam Sandler film climbing Netflix’s global charts
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The wacky Adam Sandler film climbing Netflix's global charts

Netflix is having a pretty rough time with their recent subscriber loss and other issues but it seems like the streamer can still count on some of its original kings to retain a steady fanbase. King of comedy and slapstick humour, Adam Sandler is one such loyal Netflix collaborator whose fruitful partnership with Netflix has not only generated massive revenue but also helped captivate fan interest.

While Adam Sandler is currently wrapping up production with Jennifer Aniston for the upcoming Murder Mystery sequel which promises more fun and action, one of his most popular films are now streaming on Netflix. Of them, one such beloved Sandler film has now entered the global Top 10s charts and is performing extremely well ever since it has been incorporated into the list of titles on the streamer this month.

Directed by Dennis Dugan, the 1996 film Happy Gilmore stars Adam Sandler in the titular role, alongside Julie Bowen, Richard Kiel, Christopher McDonald, Carl Weather and others. Currently, at the sixth spot on the charts, Happy Gilmore is yet another Adam Sandler sports comedy that is one of the most acclaimed films in his arsenal.

Sandler stars as an unsuccessful ice hockey player who soon finds a curious talent for playing golf. He decides to use his unusual golf skills to save his grandmother’s house and soon finds himself dealing with many issues, including favouritism, classism and a general distaste for his personality.

The film even won the best fight award from MTV for the sequence between Bob Barker and Adam Sandler; Barker had accepted the role when he came to know that he would be fighting Sandler. The film also features a Ben Stiller cameo.

Wacky and hilarious, the film is a trademark Adam Sandler comedy that continues to win hearts, decades after its release.

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