The visceral Brad Pitt war drama storming Netflix
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The visceral Brad Pitt war drama storming Netflix

War dramas have always had a peculiar grip on us, depicting narratives of valour and sacrifice against the backdrop of sanitised conflict, glossing over the true brutality and ethical complexities of war. However, a visceral Brad Pitt-led World War II drama that has recently risen to the top ten films chart on Netflix offers a slightly different perspective.

Fury is currently storming Netflix’s global charts with its raw intensity. Directed and written by David Ayer, known for his gritty storytelling in films like Training Day and End of Watch, Fury offers a departure from the conventional war stories. 

Starring Pitt alongside Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, and Jon Bernthal, Fury follows the crew of a Sherman tank named Fury as they navigate the treacherous landscapes of Nazi Germany during the final days of the war in 1945. Many have drawn parallels to the visceral intensity of the battle sequences of Saving Private Ryan

Despite primarily portraying a motley crew of white Americans as the heroes who save the day, what sets Fury apart is its portrayal of the horrors of war amid the chaos without romanticising or glorifying the violence. Instead of painting a picture of clean heroism devoid of moral ambiguity, the film delves into the ethical dilemmas faced by soldiers and the toll it takes on their psyche.

The suave Brad Pitt, who is nicknamed ‘Wardaddy’, pointed out to ET that despite his character sounding like some badass father figure who eats bullets for breakfast, Fury is actually more than all that. “This film focuses so much on the psychological hardships of men dealing with those extreme conditions.”

With its recent surge in popularity on Netflix, garnering over 7.3million hours viewed and securing a spot on the platform’s top ten list globally, Fury continues to be a sensation.

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