The unlikely horror movie suddenly at the top of Netflix film chart
(Credit: Netflix)

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The unlikely horror movie suddenly at the top of Netflix film chart

Netflix viewers in their droves are watching an obscure 2019 horror flick full of scary clowns and torture scenes as Haunt shoots to the top of the streamer’s UK film chart.

It’s a strange turn of events, given the Scott Beck and Bryan Woods-directed flick was released five years ago to fairly average reviews and was never aired in UK cinemas.

That said, it’s currently beating recently released Netflix originals like Orion and the Dark, Life and the Jake Gyllenhaal-fronted Ambulance.

Haunt follows six teenagers who stumble across an off-grif haunted house attraction on Halloween.

After signing waivers and becoming convinced all they’re in for is a nightmarish maze experience, it slowly becomes clear they’re headed for far worse.

While Haunt might have raced up the charts, its masked clowns and shocking violence are thrilling and frightening viewers in equal turn. Many have taken to social media to share how “terrifying” it was.

While some have dubbed it a must-watch for horror fans, others have admitted it “unlocked a new fear of horror houses and chainsaws”.

Written and directed by Beck and Woods, it follows their more prominent horror hit, 2018’s A Quiet Place. Starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, it grossed $341m, compared to Haunt’s $2.4 m.