The unexpected Brian Cox military drama storming Netflix
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The unexpected Brian Cox military drama storming Netflix

With the dust settling on the gripping season finale of Succession, fans might be forgiven for thinking that Brian Cox might take a momentary hiatus from the pop culture discourse.

However, amid the anticipation of his upcoming role as the jolly old man himself in That Christmas, set to hit Netflix later this year, another unexpected Cox hit has been storming Netflix for the last few days.

Directed by Joshua Caldwell and written by Stephen Camelio, Mending the Line follows John Colter (portrayed by Sinqua Walls), a Marine grappling with the aftermath of his tour in Afghanistan and the shadows of PTSD. Tasked with proving his stability to continue serving, Colter finds an unlikely companion in Ike Fletcher (played by Brian Cox). Ike, an ageing veteran wrestling with his own emotional and physical scars, discovers solace in the serene waters of Montana, where fly fishing becomes his sanctuary.

The tranquil backdrop of Montana sets the stage for an unexpected bond between Colter and Ike, orchestrated by the discerning hand of Dr. Burke (Patricia Heaton). As Colter navigates his inner turmoil, Ike finds a semblance of peace in the company of a fellow soldier despite their contrasting personalities and backgrounds. Cox’s portrayal of Ike is laced with vulnerability, shedding the layers of gruffness to reveal the tender heart beneath, a stark departure from his formidable persona as Logan Roy.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Caldwell noted, “With Mending the Line, Stephen [Camelio] has scripted a beautiful story about overcoming trauma and the healing power of fly fishing — a subject matter very close to my own heart.” Caldwell went on, “The film has a rich tapestry of emotion, and I’m excited to be working with Brian and Sinqua to bring these wonderful characters to life.”

While Cox’s portrayal of the bombastic Logan Roy in Succession garnered widespread acclaim, his performance in Mending the Line is a reminder that Cox is an amazing character actor. Supported by a stellar cast including Perry Mattfeld, Wes Studi, and Patricia Heaton, Mending the Line offers an exploration of the healing power of human connection.

As per the data presented by Flix Patrol, Mending the Line has been storming the daily top ten charts, even hitting the number one spot from March 25th to 26th. It is a matter of time before we see it on Netflix’s own top ten country charts.

You can watch Mending the Line on Netflix but catch the trailer here first: