‘The Umbrella Academy’ star Tom Hopper teases the “Wow Factor” of season 3
(Credit: Netflix)


‘The Umbrella Academy’ star Tom Hopper teases the “Wow Factor” of season 3

The first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy have already wowed an ever-growing legion of fans, but Tom Hopper claims that they have really “upped the ante” for season three which is due on Netflix soon.

The star, who plays the wise apeman Luther, was speaking with Collider regarding the forthcoming series and he explained: “I just want them to know that if they’ve loved the first two seasons, we’ve upped the ante, big time – and if the fun factor is upped, I think the wow factor is upped. And I think they’re just going to fall in love with these characters even more.”

The actor, who is also set to feature in the soon to be released action flick SAS: Red Notice, later added: “I think it’s a great setup for season three. I thought that the show really found a groove. I think what was so great about season two is that we’d set up the world in season one, and I really feel that season one was almost like a setup for the rest of the show.”

Hopped continued: “You’re not trying to figure out what this world is anymore, you know who these characters are, you know where they’re at in their lives. And, then we can really get things going. And I think towards the end of season two, you really start to just see what the show is, and it’s a great setup for what’s going to happen in [season] three.”

Hopper confirmed that whilst not all of the ten planned episodes are completed as of yet, the bulk of them are in the can and ready to go. “We’ve had a fair chunk,” Hopper admitted. “We’ve not got all 10, but we’ve had a fair chunk.”

Owing to delays with the filming it is unclear when filming wrap and the latest season will land on Netflix. However, the silver lining of these delays has been that it has allowed extra time to fine-tune the episodes. I think it did allow them to have a bit of extra time, because I think we got commissioned in the middle of all this stuff. So the writers, I guess, got more of a headstart,” Hopper said.

As for now you can check out a recap of everything that has happened so far, below.