The true story behind Netflix hit ‘The Abyss’
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The true story behind Netflix hit ‘The Abyss’

The Swedish disaster film, The Abyss, inspired by actual events, landed on Netflix recently. And it has managed to shoot up the list of top ten movies on the streaming platform in as many as 75 countries.

The Abyss is currently ranking third on the streaming giant’s top ten films list in Netflix US. With a presence in 75 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, and more, this Swedish disaster film directed by Richard Holm has captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

In The Abyss, Frigga Vibenius (Tuva Novotny) works as the head of security at the Kiruna mines. For Frigga, minor seismic activity at the mine is a routine occurrence. When a major earthquake strikes and part of the mine collapses, Frigga realises her son, Simon, is trapped underneath the rubble. She decides to rescue Simon before the entire town collapses in on itself.

The movie transports viewers to the Swedish city of Kiruna, where an earthquake struck the local mine in 2020, setting off a chain of events that challenges the city’s residents and infrastructure. It dramatises true events, but it is partially based on a natural disaster that hit the residents of Kiruna. Here’s the real story:

Is The Abyss based on a true story?

The sinking town of Kiruna but the characters and the central story itself in The Abyss are fictional. 

In 2020, Kiruna, Sweden, experienced a major earthquake that struck the local coal mine. The earthquake caused structural damage to the mine and surrounding infrastructure, posing a threat to the safety of the city’s residents. In the aftermath, efforts were undertaken to relocate the affected population to safer areas, marking a pivotal moment in Kiruna’s history. This seismic event not only reshaped the physical landscape of the city but also highlighted the challenges faced by communities reliant on extractive industries and the importance of disaster preparedness and response.

Despite its popularity on Netflix, The Abyss has garnered mostly negative reviews from both audiences and critics. From its pacing and writing to the execution, the movie is not exactly stellar.

However, you can still stream The Abyss on Netflix and catch the trailer here: