The true story behind ‘Devotion a Story of Love and Desire’: The newest erotic Netflix series
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The true story behind 'Devotion a Story of Love and Desire': The newest erotic Netflix series

Netflix’s latest dabble in erotica in the form of the intense Italian drama series, Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire upholds the emotional and mental turmoil alongside the pleasures of marriage, fidelity and sex. It examines difficult yet thought-provoking questions about selfhood and faithfulness while weaving in a complicated yet dwindling marriage in the picture. 

This steamy and intoxicating romance drama stars Michele Riondino, Lucrezia Guidone, Leonardo Pazzagli and Carolina Sala, sees the intersection of four lives in a haze of lust, desire, anxiety burgeoning insecurities. It also questions whether infidelity should be confessed or kept under warps. 

According to Lucrezia, however, “it better be kept quiet”. She was joined by Michele, who told Opentapes, “To be true to yourself and the couple, you need to be able to keep certain secrets.” 

But is this raunchy erotic series based on a true story? We at Best of Netflix take a deep dive to uncover the secret behind the series: 

The true story behind ‘Devotion a Story of Love and Desire’

What is Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire about? 

The newest Netflix Italian series Devotion a Story of Love and Desire explores themes of marriage, infidelity, insecurities, jealousy and lust. It revolves around a couple, Carlo and Margarita, who resides in Milan. A professor and author, Carlo is enamoured by one of his students while Margharita, who is moping over not fulfilling her career goals, grows increasingly suspicious of their relationship. 

Although their marriage is seemingly stable and happy, curiosity and anxieties tear them apart in six slow-burning episodes. With abundant raunchy scenes and steamy sex sequences, the slow unravelling of an apparently blissful relationship also explores the idea of blind devotion to one’s spouse and the subsequent consequences on their physical and emotional well-being. 

Is Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire based on a book? 

Complex and bold, Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire is an engrossing and gritty drama that is based on Italian author Marco Missirolis’s 2019 bestselling novel Fedelta. It translates to ‘fidelity’ in English, and the whole series revolves around the couple skirting around the lines of fidelity and an extramarital affair. The erotic novel, too, is pretty arousing and intense, as mirrored by the series. 

Marco is celebrated for his 2012 novel The Sense of an Elephant and the 2005 debut novel Senza coda

Is Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire based on a true story? 

As bizarre as it may sound, Marco’s story was allegedly based on his parents’ tumultuous marriage. He said that they remained faithful to each other “at a cost,” and his father had revealed how fidelity required “giving up a part of himself”. Both the series and the novel deftly explores themes of marriage and fidelity. 

He said: “That’s how the question that dominates Fidelity came to me: If we are faithful to others, do we betray our true self? And if we choose to be faithful to ourselves — truly faithful — to what degree do we then betray the people around us?”