The top shows on Netflix right now are simply fireplaces
(Credit: Netflix)

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The top shows on Netflix right now are simply fireplaces

Christmas is a time of traditions, and it would seem that Netflix has happened upon the latest one: gathering the family to sit around a virtual fireplace. In the last week, fireplaces have risen to be among the streaming platforms most-watched shows.

In an age when genuine log-burners are a rarity, many homes opt to set background ambiance with footage of a virtual fire, complete with crackling flames, and occasionally, a hint of festive background music.

So many people have now taken to this sustainable trend that fireplaces are even among the platforms top shows currently. With a range of fireplaces to choose from for the right glow for your living room, an array of them are scoring huge views.

In fact, two of the fireplaces have ranked amid Netflix’s top five shows this Christmas. These near-motionless shows have eclipsed the likes of The Crown and Young Sheldon in the rankings, proving that ambiance is something we crave in the modern age.

This has prompted Netflix to double-down in their fireplace content, enlisting a slew of further efforts: Fireplace for Your Home, Crackling Yule Log Fireplace, Crackling Fireplace, and finally Crackling Fireplace with Music.

Other big hitters on Netflix are Ricky Gervais’ comedy special Armageddon, hit Spanish series The Manny, and My Live With the Walter Boys.

If you’re in need of a crackling fire this Christmas season, you can also find one roaring below.