The terrible Charlize Theron thriller everyone’s watching on Netflix
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The terrible Charlize Theron thriller everyone's watching on Netflix

Netflix’s current top ten films list in the United States has a new entrant making waves. The film may have been torn apart by critics upon release, but it starred some of the strongest performers Hollywood has seen, including Charlize Theron and Dakota Fanning.

Of course, a stellar cast does not ensure an equally stellar film. The abduction action drama Trapped is as formulaic as it gets. But there has always been an audience for formulaic, emotionally-driven thrillers, even before streaming existed.

The 2002 crime thriller Trapped, directed by Luis Mandoki, is steadily climbing the ranks and currently holds the ninth spot on the Netflix US top ten list of films. Starring an ensemble cast led by Theron, the film also features Courtney Love, Stuart Townsend, Kevin Bacon, and Pruitt Taylor Vince.

Trapped is based on Greg Iles’ bestselling novel 24 Hours, which is what the film was supposed to be named as well. However, the title of Trapped was changed to avoid confusion with the Fox network series starring Kiefer Sutherland, 24.

The plot of Trapped revolves around Karen Jennings (Theron) and Dr. Will Jennings, a research physician played by Townsend, who find themselves in a harrowing situation when their daughter, Abby (Fanning), is kidnapped. The perpetrators, a mysterious couple played by Courtney Love and Kevin Bacon —Cheryl and Joe Hickey, demand a ransom. But things get complicated when the Jennings realise Joe has no intention of returning Abby.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and struggled at the box office upon release. Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly lambasted the film, calling it “a negligible work of manipulation, an exploitation piece doing its usual worst to guilt-trip parents.”

However, despite its initial reception, Trapped, starring Charlize Theron, has found a new audience on Netflix. You can watch Trapped on Netflix and catch the trailer here: