The sexy Emma Thompson comedy you need to watch on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


The sexy Emma Thompson comedy you need to watch on Netflix

From the minds of director Sophie Hyde and writer Katy Brand comes a delightful surprise that has stormed Netflix recently. Known for her subversive queer dramas like 52 Tuesdays and Animals, Hyde brings forth a spicy concoction of comedy and sensuality in her latest offering, starring the effervescent Emma Thompson, whose presence alone promises a cinematic treat every time.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande has quickly climbed the ranks, securing the ninth spot on the streaming giant’s top ten list of films in the UK between April 1st and April 7th, 2024. Made as a Hulu original, the film earned Thompson  BAFTA Award and Golden Globe Award nominations. But the talented Daryl McCormack, who plays the titular Leo Grande, earned his fair share of praises too. 

The film revolves around Nancy Stokes (portrayed by Emma Thompson), a woman on a quest for something elusive yet essential — pleasurable sex. Set in a hotel room, the stage is set for a series of encounters between Nancy and Leo Grande, a young and confident sex worker. Nancy, still grappling with the loss of her husband, is determined to shed her inhibitions to embrace her desires. What ensues is a heartening and fun exploration of intimacy, power dynamics, and human connection.

Nancy, haunted by the ghost of unfulfilled desires, seeks solace in Leo’s company. Despite her initial reservations and insecurities about her body and age, Leo’s calm demeanour and genuine warmth put her at ease. As their encounters progress, Nancy’s hesitance gives way to curiosity, leading her down a path of newfound liberation. So, it isn’t surprising that Thompson told The Hollywood Reporter, “It was such bliss to play” Nancy.

What makes Good Luck to You, Leo Grande truly shine is its ability to blend sharp humour with tender moments of introspection. As Nancy navigates the complexities of her desires, the film offers a refreshing take on sexual awakening and infuses it with plenty of wit and charm.

While attending the Cinema Café panel at the Sundance Film Festival, Thompson also disclosed how hard it was filming the naked scene in this film. They rehearsed naked to get completely comfortable, “Sophie, Daryl, and I rehearsed entirely nude and talked about our bodies,” Thompson went on how they “talked about our relationship with our bodies, drew them, discussed the things that we find difficult about, things we like about them, described one another’s bodies,” She also added, “It’s very challenging to be nude at 62. [Nancy] stands in front of a mirror alone and she drops her robe,” reported HuffPost UK

In a landscape saturated with sexual awakening narratives, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande stands out for many reasons. So, if you’re in the mood for a spicy yet tender comedy-drama that defies convention, watch Good Luck to You, Leo Grande on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here: