The sci-fi horror film that made Kristen Stewart feel “claustrophobic”
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

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The sci-fi horror film that made Kristen Stewart feel "claustrophobic"

Another sci-fi horror film has emerged as a global sensation on Netflix. This one features bi icon, Kristen Stewart.

Underwater, featuring Stewart, Jessica Henwick, Vincent Cassel, and more, has secured its place as the sixth most-watched film on Netflix’s top ten list, boasting a staggering 9.2 million hours viewed. This underwater thriller has also achieved top-ten status in 61 countries, from Uruguay to the UAE.

Directed by William Eubank and written by Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad, Underwater plunges audiences into a gripping tale set in the depths of the ocean. Stewart leads the cast, delivering a compelling performance as Norah Price, a mechanical engineer fighting for survival after an earthquake devastates an underwater drilling facility.

The film’s intense atmosphere and suspense have garnered it a dedicated fan base on the streaming platform years after it turned out to be a box office flop.

Speaking of how out of her comfort zone she was, Stewart told inews, “It’s ridiculous that I even did this movie. I don’t even like swimming, let alone diving. We don’t f**king belong there! I felt very claustrophobic and stifled the whole time.” She further explained her reasons for doing Underwater, “I hadn’t done a commercial movie in a long time, and I certainly hadn’t done an action movie, so I thought it was really a good idea to do something that was not very intellectual and purely physical…Until you realise that those things actually hold hands very intimately. ”

As Stewart continues to make waves in the film industry, her fans are eagerly anticipating her next project. The recently dropped trailer for Love Lies Bleeding has only heightened the excitement. Directed by Rose Glass, known for her work on Saint Maud, the upcoming romantic thriller is a co-production between A24 and Film4.

In Love Lies Bleeding, Kristen Stewart takes on the role of a gym employee, sharing the screen with Katy O’Brian, who portrays a bisexual bodybuilder. The film promises a unique blend of thriller, romance, and suspense, with a stellar supporting cast including Jena Malone, Anna Baryshnikov, Dave Franco, and Ed Harris.