The satanic conspiracy theory behind ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and Stanley Kubrick’s death
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The satanic conspiracy theory behind 'Eyes Wide Shut' and Stanley Kubrick's death

In the world of cinema, conspiracy theories are usually reserved for ‘cursed’ sets or the mistreatment of actors. Stanley Kubrick‘s film The Shining is also widely cited within theories surrounding the moon landings. But there is another of his films that is connected, some think, to his death.

Eyes Wide Shut was the legendary filmmaker’s last film before he died in 1999. In fact, Kubrick suffered a heart attack in his sleep just six days after he had screened the final cut of the film to his family and its stars.

The fact that Kubrick died before the films had been shown to the public raised some eyebrows amongst the more sceptical and conspiratorially aligned, even though by 1999, Kubrick was 70 years old. The fact that Eyes Wide Shut had seemingly exposed the illicit sexual occurrences of secret upper-class organisations seemed to suggest that perhaps Kubrick’s death had far more to it than a mere heart attack.

Some have suggested that Kubrick had, in fact, been murdered by way of a Masonic Satanic poisoning in line with the subjects of the film. Kubrick had suffered a myocardial infarction in his sleep, which is said to be easy to induce through simple poisoning.

The exposure of the secret organisations of the wealthy elite may have ruffled a few feathers, to say the least. Though evidently, with the news in recent years of the despicable behaviour of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and most likely Prince Andrew too, there are almost certainly still active organisations that engage in illicit sex parties, though their Satanic nature is yet to be confirmed.

However, it ought it be stressed that if anyone has a need to keep something secret, then it would likely be the organisations depicted in Eyes Wide Shut. So too, do those sects have the financial power to keep things hush, whether by paying off artists and journalists or engaging in strict confidentiality of its members.

Many of the elite also have a vested interest in the film industry. Eyes Wide Shut was based (like many of Kubrick’s works) on a piece of literature. This time was Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella Dream Story. However, cinema is by far a more popular medium than literature, so whoever had their hands on the working knowledge and understanding of Eyes Wide Shut knew that, given Kubrick’s stature, the film was likely to be viewed by millions.

So while it is understood that Kubrick’s cause of death was a heart attack, several signs suggest that perhaps it was not as simple as reported. Although Kubrick had already completed the film, and it was ultimately released to acclaim, so whoever may (or may not) have wanted to stop the film from being shown could have done more to prevent it (especially given their suspected power).