The reason why ‘The House’ is one of its kind
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The reason why 'The House' is one of its kind

If you are a fan of art in its purest form, The House is what you are looking for in your life. A British anthological adult animation feature film released in 2022. The movie is a phenomenal success for how stop-motion has been utilised in making the film a one-of-a-kind success. Written by Enda Walsh, the story follows three different situations, worlds, and sets of characters, all revolving around the same house. Making the film a sort of trilogy in one. 

The beauty of animation that makes it a break from live-action is how characters can be developed, and moulded to any extent to express exactly what the creators want them to express. Although the film encircles The House, the themes stretch out much beyond.

Each of the film’s three parts seeks to work around themes related to obsession, madness, greed, and pursuing true happiness. This animated masterpiece also deals with class, materialism, and climate change. Animation can cover it all.

Revolving around heavy themes, here is a breakdown of the three parts of a masterpiece of a film. The first part is called ‘And heard within, a lie is spun’, and this section of the film revolves around a family of four. Mabel, her younger sister Isobel, her father, Raymond and her mother, Penny. 

The family is gifted this house by the famous architect Van Schoonbeek free of cost. As soon as the family moves in, the daughters notice the obsessions that take over their parents with regard to the house. Mabel and Isobel knew something was not right. Soon after, the house sets on fire, and the parent’s obsession with The House makes them merge with the furniture. The children are left alone to fend for themselves. 

Followed by that, we arrive at the second part of the film called ‘Then lost is truth that can’t be won’, wherein the house is now situated on a different street. The developer has outstanding loans to the bank and is eagerly looking to sell the house. However, for the manic bug infestation, there is a lack of sellers. The world is now filled with anthropomorphic rats, out of which, an odd couple showed keen interest in the house. The story follows their journey along with the developers until they are brought down to ravages.

Finally, we reach the third part of The House, which is called ‘Listen again and seek the sun’. In this part of the film, we reach an ending that almost oddly feels like a conclusion. We are faced with Rosa, who is currently the landlord of the house, leasing the place to a hippie couple – Jen and Elias. 

The water levels surrounding the house keep rising. Rosa is found to be reminiscing the days of childhood she spent in The House and yearns to remake it someday. However, her inevitable financial ruins and disrespecting tenants keep her from pursuing her dream. Eventually, she has to bid her house farewell, for the water and mist are not waiting for anyone anymore.

In conclusion, the film is too brilliant, and it is of paramount importance that you do not miss out on this gem. Especially if you like to call yourself a cinephile as I do. Check out the trailer here. Animation has truly transcended itself as a genre in the last decade.