The raunchy comedy Jason Bateman called the “funniest”
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The raunchy comedy Jason Bateman called the "funniest"

People cannot seem to get enough of raunchy comedies on Netflix, and we understand why. It is far more comfortable watching an R-rated film all by yourself or with a bunch of friends in the privacy of your own home.

One such comedy that’s currently making waves on Netflix US is The Change-Up, a raunchy Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman caper that has secured its spot at the seventh position on the top ten films list in the US. Directed by David Dobkin and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, this film takes the age-old concept of body-swapping to a whole new level.

During an interaction with Collider, Bateman had spoken about how he had been sceptical about a body swap feature, “I think we probably both [Bateman and Reynolds] had the same reaction, which was, you know, really? Another body-switching movie?”

But once he read the script, he thought it was the funniest, “Frankly, the only reason that I would entertain, even reading the script, was because it was written by the guys who wrote The Hangover, and it was going to be directed by the guy who directed Wedding Crashers, so that sounds like these guys already know that the cynics are ready to drive their teeth into this thing and you know, rip it apart, and so if they took it on, then it’s probably pretty good. And I started reading it, and it’s the funniest script I’ve ever read.”

Released in 2011, The Change-Up explores the lives of two childhood friends, Dave and Mitch, played by Bateman and Reynolds, respectively. Dave, a successful and responsible family man, finds himself envious of Mitch’s carefree bachelor lifestyle. After a night of heavy drinking, the two friends wake up to discover they have switched bodies, leading to a series of comedic mishaps and life-altering realisations.

Upon its release, The Change-Up received mixed reviews from critics, but it quickly gained a dedicated fanbase. The cult of Reynolds and Bateman might have had a hand to play in that. While some may argue that raunchy comedies toe the line of decency, their undeniable popularity suggests that audiences appreciate the opportunity to escape into a world where the boundaries of politeness are pushed for the sake of laughter.

You can watch The Change-Up on Netflix and catch the trailer here: