The Queen’s Gambit sets brand new Netflix record
(Credit: Netflix)

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The Queen’s Gambit sets brand new Netflix record

Netflix’s latest smash hit series has come from a highly unexpected place and, in truth, nobody could have expected a drama focused on the world of Chess would enjoy major mainstream success. However, The Queen’s Gambit has triumphantly emerged as the most-viewed scripted limited series in Netflix history.

The series, set in the 1960s, stars Anya Taylor-Joy as an orphaned chess prodigy who is on her way to becoming the greatest chess player in the world. However, struggling to cope with issues of emotional attachment and drug addiction, the traumatic results of her difficult childhood continue to rear its head. The series has received widespread critical acclaim, mainly for Taylor-Joy’s performance but also for the stellar visuals and production values. The series also attained a positive response from the chess community and is credited with spurring a resurgence of public interest in the game.

Netflix has confirmed that the seven-episode program has pulled in a staggering 62 million viewers in just its first four weeks on the streaming platform, a success which has made it the most-watched limited scripted series ever on the platform. On top of that, The Queen’s Gambit is also the number one viewed show in 63 different countries and features in the top 10 list in 93 countries overall.

Technically, it hasn’t quite dethroned Tiger King which was watched by 64 million households during its first four week period but as that is a docuseries, The Queen’s Gambit takes the top spot when it comes to a limited scripted series.

“I am both delighted and dazed by the response. It’s just all way beyond what any of us could have imagined,” co-creator, showrunner and director Scott Frank told The Hollywood Reporter. “But speaking for my fellow producers and the entire cast and crew of the show, every one of whom made me look better than I actually am, we are most grateful that so many took the time to watch our show. And we all look forward to bringing you our Yahtzee limited series next.”

Check out the trailer, below.