‘The Queen’s Gambit’ finale named highest-rated Netflix episode of all-time
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘The Queen’s Gambit’ finale named highest-rated Netflix episode of all-time

Netflix has had its fair share of epic episodes over the years, I’m sure a host of magic TV moments spring to mind just thinking about it, but the finale to The Queen’s Gambit has been crowned the current champion.

The show was an unexpected smash hit, with its popularity measurable not only by viewing figures but also a record uptake in chess players. The show documents the prodigious rise of an orphaned female chess player causing a stir amidst the scene in the 1960s. The show offered comfort and motivation to many during the distresses of lockdown.

According to data collated by Tombola, End Game’, the chess show’s seventh episode, was astoundingly rated a 9.4, the highest of any Netflix episode studied.

The lowest ranking episode went to Tiger King the widely binge-watched documentary-series hit of last summer.

The Queen’s Gambit also managed to get on the podium with the second episode ‘Exchanges’, receiving an 8.8 rating, placing it third. The second spot went to the finale of Never Have I Ever, which was rated 8.9.

With rumours of a season two circulating online there is every chance that Anya Taylor-Joy will be reprising her role in the hit show again soon. For now though, we’ll just have to watch this space until further announcements. You can catch a trailer for the show below.