The picturesque Netflix hit featuring Liam Neeson and his son
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The picturesque Netflix hit featuring Liam Neeson and his son

Liam Neeson is having a moment on Netflix. Two of his films have broken into the top ten films chart, ranging from action to dramedy, Neeson is giving a full-spectrum view of his talents to the streaming audience.

Made in Italy secured its place as the fifth most-watched film in the US between February 5th and 11th, 2024. Echoing the charm of classics like Under the Tuscan Sun—which Roger Ebert lovingly called an “alluring example of yuppie porn” as he doled out three out of four stars to the Diane Lane romcom—this film offers a more sentimental exploration of grief and healing.

Written and directed by James D’Arcy, Made in Italy stars Neeson alongside his son, Micheál Richardson, who also played Neeson’s reel-life son in Cold Pursuit. Neeson commended D’Arcy’s directing, telling Parade, “James can be a wonderful director, and he was very, very good with my son, Micheál. I stayed out of the way. I did not want to direct my son. James is the writer and director, so I left it to him.”

Neeson also praised the Oppenheimer actor’s potential as a filmmaker, “James is very, very good. I think he has a lot of potential as a director.”

Set amid the stunning landscapes of Italy, the D’Arcy directorial follows a father and son as they embark on renovating a Tuscan villa left by their late wife and mother. As they navigate through the challenges of restoration, they also confront their strained relationship and unresolved grief.

Made in Italy shines with its performances and picturesque setting, critics have noted its shortcomings in storytelling.

Despite its flaws, Made in Italy can make for a decent escapist watch. If you’re seeking a pretty yet flawed journey through the Italian countryside, consider adding Made in Italy to your Netflix queue.