The official ‘Friends’ reunion trailer has been released
(Credit: Netflix)


The official 'Friends' reunion trailer has been released

I apologise for making you feel like a dinosaur, but it’s been almost exactly 17 years since Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Embryonic Journey’ closed the show on the sitcom, as the keys were left in a ring and Chandler quipped “Where?” when asked if they should all grab a coffee. 

In that time the ‘will they / won’t they’ talk of a reunion has been akin to one of the shows’ perpetually on-off relationships. Now, however, at a time when everyone had gotten used to the fact that it wouldn’t return, the creators have sprung the gang on us once more. 

The original cast will be joined by a band of celebrity guests from David Beckham to Malala Yousafzai for a special one-off unscripted episode due to air on HBO Max on the 27th of May following pandemic-induced delays. 

More than 15 guests are set to star in the episode including former favourites Tom Selleck, Maggie ‘Janice’ Wheeler, Justin Bieber will show up and even the K-pop band BTS will drop in to appease all the K-pop Friends crossover fans no doubt(?), hopefully, there’s a spot for Gunther too.

Courtney Cox took to Instagram to write, “This kind of thing doesn’t happen every year, or even every 10, or 15 years. I feel so blessed to have had a chance to reunite with my Friends … and it was better than ever.”

The episode entitled ‘The One Where We Get to See Our Favourites Back Together Again’ will not follow the typical narrative of the original structure and sees the stars out of character discussing the show as a look back.  

The trailer sees the original cast arm-in-arm making their way across the LA Studio lot where it was filmed as chilled out version of the classic Rembrandts theme tune plays over the top.