The new Netflix drama being labelled “sexiest ever” by fans
(Credit: Netflix)


The new Netflix drama being labelled "sexiest ever" by fans

Like every genre, melodrama has had to adapt to our technologically developing world, and this is most evident from the overabundance of catfishing dramas. The latest addition to Netflix’s growing body of such melodramas is Fake Profile.

Featuring a cast that looks like it’s straight out of a model catalogue, Fake Profile is a Colombian catfishing drama that has managed to attract viewers by capitalising on the key elements of all such modern shows.

It stars Carolina Miranda as a Las Vegas dancer named Camila who decides to try online dating in order to meet the man of her dreams. However, she ends up hurtling down a pit of deception when she realises that she has been tricked by someone who has been lying about his identity.

According to fans on social media platforms like Twitter, Fake Profile has already been labelled as one of the “sexiest shows ever”. One fan tweeted: “Fake profile on Netflix is so messy it gets crazier by the episode.”

Another Twitter user added: “Fake Profile on Netflix is crazy as hell. Why is everyone a damn psychopath on this show?”

While talking about the flaws of the show, a Twitter user said: “I hate watching movies where the voiceover and the mouth movement isn’t synced, but Fake Profile on Netflix has managed to keep me entertained despite the ick.”

Watch the trailer below.