The Netflix romance drama climbing the charts
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The Netflix romance drama climbing the charts

The 2023 romance drama See You on Venus has rapidly climbed the Netflix charts, leaping from the tenth spot last week to an impressive fourth this week. The fact that cuffing season is in full swing is evident from the success of this flick.

The film has made its entry into Netflix’s top ten list in 66 countries in total. With 11.3million hours viewed and 7.1 million total views, See You on Venus has hit the sweet spot, tapping into the 90s-00s rom-com nostalgia territory. It is heartwarmingly formulaic, often saccharine, and largely inoffensive—the holy trinity of most feel-good romcoms

Directed by Joaquín Llamas, See You on Venus is your straightforward tale of love and self-discovery. Written by Victoria Vinuesa, the film follows the journey of two American teenagers, Mia and Kyle, portrayed by Virginia Gardner and Alex Aiono, respectively. The cast also features Rob Estes, who rose to household fame in the 1990s and 2000s with shows like Melrose Place and 90210.

The story unfolds as Mia and Kyle take a road trip through the picturesque landscapes of Spain in search of Mia’s birth mother. An 18-year-old orphan with a burning desire to connect with her roots, Mia convinces Kyle, a kind-hearted guy grappling with his own griefs, to accompany her on this cookie-cutter transformative journey.

Apart from being sweet and innocuous, the film also offers a feast for the eyes as it was shot on location in Spain. Speaking to Movieweb, Gardner mentioned her favourite spot they shot at, “One of my favourite locations is this gorgeous palace Kyle (Alex’s character) surprises Mia with this trip to [was] for me, probably the most stunning location I’ve ever shot on. It was the most beautiful palace.” 

Aiono concurred, calling the palace breathtaking, “This palace that we shot out, it was actually breathtaking, so many things were breathtaking, I mean, even the drive home. I would get mad that I would fall asleep on the drives home ‘cause I would miss looking out.” Aino concluded “The city of Madrid is beautiful and full of life, both nature-wise, energy-wise.”

You can get your seasonal dose of romcoms with See You On Venus on Netflix.