The Netflix movie reigniting everyone’s shark phobia
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The Netflix movie reigniting everyone’s shark phobia

Sharks are still reeling from the negative PR Jaws inflicted upon them decades ago. And, in a twist of fate and a stroke of irony, sharks are back in the spotlight, not for their true grandeur, but for their menacing starring role in the film Deep Fear, currently streaming on Netflix. And like Jaws, this is not good for their brand image.

Directed by Marcus Adams and penned by Robert Capelli Jr. and Sophia Eptamenitis, Deep Fear features an ensemble cast led by Mãdãlina Ghenea, Ed Westwick, and Macarena Gómez. This aquatic thriller, replete with terrible acting and an equally ludicrous plotline, secured its position in the global Netflix top ten films last week.

The film unfolds in the deep blue waters of the Caribbean, where a storm disrupts the tranquil solo voyage of Naomi (Ghenea), a skilled round-the-world yachtswoman. Little does she know that her journey will take a terrifying turn as she becomes entangled with a group of ruthless drug traffickers stranded on a sinking vessel.

The plot thickens when Naomi is coerced into recovering a sunken stash of cocaine from shark-infested waters. Starring alongside Ghenea, Westwick plays Jackson, Naomi’s boyfriend in Grenada, while Gómez, Stany Coppet, and John-Paul Pace portray the menacing drug traffickers.

Deep Fear’s 90-minute runtime guarantees a rollercoaster ride of breezy suspense and underwater peril. Set against the backdrop of a reef-fringed island, the story takes unexpected twists and turns, keeping the excitement going.

While on paper, the premise of battling both the Narcos and great white sharks may sound ridiculously awful, it is precisely this audacious combination that makes Deep Fear such a fun watch. Here, our primal fears of the majestic sea beasts and the deep depths of the ocean meet the cheap thrills of your run-of-the-mill action flicks.

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