The Netflix game show to watch if you want “bootleg” ‘The Traitors’
(Credit: Netflix)


The Netflix game show to watch if you want "bootleg" 'The Traitors'

Netflix has once again struck silver, if not gold, with its latest offering, The Trust: A Game of Greed. Securing its place at the ninth spot globally on the streaming giant, the series has captured the attention of viewers in 11 countries, from the Middle East in Bahrain to the tropical haven of the Bahamas.

The Trust is an American reality game show that premiered on Netflix on January 10th, 2024. The brains behind this social experiment have crafted a format that sets it apart from traditional reality competitions, but of course, it is not an original concept. 

The Trust has drawn comparisons with its British counterpart, The Traitors. While some view The Trust as a ripoff of the latter, others argue that the American series brings something unique to the table that is already overflowing with reality game shows. Rebecca Nicholson of The Guardian called it “a budget bootleg version of The Traitors.

The BBC One reality series The Traitors, in turn, is based on the Dutch series De Verraders.

So, what is The Trust about?

Rather than eliminating contestants weekly, participants on The Trust face a unique proposition: split a quarter of a million dollars equally amongst themselves or anonymously vote each other out to increase their individual share of the prize potentially.

Hosted by veteran journalist and former CNN correspondent Brooke Baldwin, The Trust unfolds over eight episodes, each presenting a series of tests designed to expose the true motivations of the contestants. The show forces players to confront their deepest insecurities, long-held secrets, and personal histories, making it a rollercoaster of emotions for both the participants and the audience.

The format of The Trust revolves around The Vault, a mysterious location beneath the luxury villa where contestants make crucial decisions. Presented with two offers—one benefiting them individually and another aiding the group—participants must choose wisely. 

The game culminates in a trust ceremony at the end of each episode, where decisions are revealed, and the majority rules.

So, will you be watching The Trust on Netflix? You can always check out the trailer and then decide.