The music Bob Odenkirk used to get into the character of Saul


The music Bob Odenkirk used to get into the character of Saul

Better Call Saul’s Saul Goodman, portrayed by the electrifying Bob Odenkirk, has earned his place as one of television’s most unforgettable characters. Odenkirk may still be chasing his acting Emmy for his role as Saul, but he gave us one of the most iconic antiheroes ever.

If you have ever wondered what behind-the-scenes catalyst ignited Odenkirk’s transformation into the brash and cunning lawyer, we have some answers for you.

During an insightful exchange with the Television Academy, Odenkirk was queried about the musical cues that aid his seamless entry into character. His response was swift and emphatic: “Oasis. Any Oasis.” before cheekily going on, “Swagger. Bravado…what’s it called? Blowhardism.”

Saul Goodman’s evolution from the earnest Jimmy McGill to the audacious legal maverick is one of the best etched-out character arcs in Netflix’s canon. Odenkirk’s embodiment of this transition has been lauded by fans and critics alike. His revelation about Oasis’ influence offers a fresh perspective into the actor’s creative process.

Oasis, the iconic British rock band known for their anthemic melodies and bold persona, provides a striking parallel to Saul’s character traits. Hits like ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ encapsulate the self-assured demeanour that defines Saul. One can easily see how the band’s unapologetic swagger mirrors Saul’s confident courtroom exploits and his knack for navigating life’s challenges with flair. 

This was not all that Odenkirk revealed in this casual interaction. He also mentioned that he had taken home a miniature replica of Saul’s office, made by “the amazing” prop master of Breaking Bad, Mark Hansen. 

He also answered the rather whimsical question, “If Saul could visit another TV show’s world, which show would you want to see him in?” His answer? The 1974 detective drama The Rockford Files, of course. “Saul would be great in there,” Odenkirk responded with a smile.

While fans still dream about the illusive Emmy win for Better Call Saul, Odenkirk and co-star Rhea Seahorn are happy with their nominations. In an interview with Vulture this July, Seahorn noted, “Bob and I both are in the Television Academy [Bob Odenkirk is not currently a member], so we did the voting. Not only are there hundreds and hundreds of shows, there’s a lot of really, really great shows. It is not lost on us to have people single out five or six performances, or five or six shows.”

“Sometimes you do the best work of your life, but no one saw it,” she continues. “Sometimes the show is popular but you don’t feel like it was your best work. And then there are these rare times where you have the chance to do writing of this quality surrounded by cast and crew of this quality, and then you push yourself to do your very best. It’s amazing to be recognised for that.”