‘The Machine’ starring Mark Hamill is the most streamed Netflix movie in US
(Credit: Netflix)

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'The Machine' starring Mark Hamill is the most streamed Netflix movie in US

Mark Hamill stars in the number-one movie that is currently streaming on Netflix, The Machine. He plays Albert, the father of comedian Bert Kreischer, who plays himself in the explosive action comedy. 

Notably, the new film is based on Kreischer’s hit 2016 stand-up routine of the same name. Telling the story of a drunken night in Russia while on a college trip, it went viral, with the comedian’s surreal blend of fictional and non-fictional details a hit with audiences.

In the movie, Bert links up with the Russian tour guide, Igor, and he and his friends embark on a legendary drunken night-out that leads to him being called ‘The Machine’. The story the comedian tells is “based” only on truth, and certainly not inflated for the benefit of him or the audience.

The subsequent film, The Machine, is set 23 years after the alleged incident. It sees Kreischer’s family life stagnating, with there tension between him and his wife and eldest daughter. Later in the story, he and his father Albert are kidnapped by a Russian woman, Irina, in revenge for something he might have stolen all those years ago.

In The Machine, Bert and Albert, two warring factions, must work together through their historical problems and retrace what happened on that famous night out, to figure out where the object in the question might be hiding and escape from Russia.

The Machine got a North American theatrical release in May this year, grossing over $5 million in just four days. It arrived on US Netflix on September 23rd. 

Watch the trailer for The Machine below.