‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ season 2 ending explained (part 1)
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'The Lincoln Lawyer' season 2 ending explained (part 1)

Season 2 of Netflix‘s courtroom drama, The Lincoln Lawyer, has recently concluded the first half of its two-part saga, ending on a whirlwind of surprising events and plot twists. Based on Michael Connelly’s novel The Fifth Witness, the show saw the central character, Mickey Haller, returning to wrestle with high-stakes legal battles and personal complications.

Part one showcased Mickey in a legal duel with a new adversary (portrayed by Yaya DaCosta), whilst his new love interest, portrayed by Lana Parrilla, unexpectedly finds herself being represented by Mickey after her arrest, further entangling the professional and personal relationships.

Recurring characters Maggie, Lorna, Izzy, and Cisco also return, contributing to the ratcheting tension that has left audiences eagerly anticipating the next turn. As the first part of the season concluded, the spotlight fell on Lisa, Mickey’s client, and the charges of murder she faces in connection with Mitchell Bondurant. 

She asserted her innocence, but this was undercut by an admission of being present at the scene on the day of the murder. As incriminating evidence mounts, Lisa’s insistence on Mickey’s belief in her innocence only deepens the suspense.

The explosive conclusion of the first part culminated in a violent episode involving Mickey. Having discovered that Lisa’s case files had been stolen from his car, Mickey barely had time to comprehend the implications when two unidentified men assaulted him. The segment ended with Mickey lying motionless.

The second part is primed to address burning questions around the attack on Mickey, the attackers’ identity, and who could have stolen Lisa’s case files. One ominous possibility looms large – could Lisa be the orchestrator behind all these events? 

With the first season hooking fans and proving itself to be an excellent adaptation, the conclusion of the second series will be premiering on Thursday, August 3rd.