The laughably bad Steve Austin film suddenly storming Netflix
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The laughably bad Steve Austin film suddenly storming Netflix

In the wild world of wrestling, the transition from the ring to the big screen has been a journey littered with more flops than flying elbows. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is just one of the many who’ve attempted to suplex their way into Hollywood stardom. And a veritable blast from the past starring the wrestler is now storming the Netflix top ten charts in the UK.

Despite his magnetic charisma in the ring, Austin’s cinematic endeavours have often left audiences wondering if he should stick to body slams instead of box office bombs. Now, one of Austin’s terribly scripted films has found its way into the limelight once more, nearly 15 years after its debut.

Directed by Jeff King (who would go on to direct episodes of The Umbrella Academy and White Collar) and written by Frank Hannah, Damage is a B-movie that brings together a mishmash of action, drama, and a healthy dose of unintentional comedy. 

Leading the charge is none other than the Texas Rattlesnake himself, Steve Austin. The film also stars Walton Goggins, Laura Vandervoort and Lynda Boyd.

Set against the gritty backdrop of underground fighting circuits, Damage follows the story of Brickner, a retired fighter forced back into the ring to settle a debt with a dangerous promoter. As Brickner battles his opponents with fists of fury, he soon realises that the biggest fight of his life isn’t against his adversaries but against the demons of his past.

With each over-the-top fight scene and dramatic confrontation, the film tiptoes the line between cringe-worthy and comedic gold.

So, if you find yourself scrolling through Netflix’s offerings and stumble upon Damage, you can steer clear. Or just embrace the hilarity and absurdity of a truly terrible maudlin action drama from the late noughties.

You can watch Damage on Netflix, but please catch the trailer here first: