The intense Adam Driver dinosaur film storming the Netflix US chart
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The intense Adam Driver dinosaur film storming the Netflix US chart

Adam Driver, the heartthrob of millions, has mesmerised audiences with his captivating performances, ranging from intense dramas to epic space sagas. Yet, even his most devoted fans couldn’t have anticipated his latest cinematic venture—a time travel/dinosaur film called 65. And it is storming the Netflix US charts right now.

Packed with survivalist thriller-style action, 65 is nestled at the second spot on the Netflix US top ten list right after heist comedy The Out-Laws, starring Adam DeVine, Pierce Brosnan, Ellen Barkin, Nina Dobrev, and Poorna Jagannathan.

Adam Driver fans will swoon over him no matter what he does. Even when he goes “Good soup!” in Girls or stars in intense but somewhat dull films about terrifying dinosaurs you meet by time travelling back to an Earth that exists (existed?) 65 million years ago.

Directed and written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who also co-wrote A Quiet Place, 65 brings together a talented cast, with Adam Driver taking the lead alongside Ariana Greenblatt. And if you are curious to know what the film is about, then dive right in!

What is 65 about?

The film’s premise takes us to the planet Somaris, where the determined pilot Mills ( Driver) embarks on a perilous two-year space expedition to save his daughter Nevine’s (Chloe Coleman) life. However, things take a dramatic turn when his spaceship, the Zoic, is pummeled by a swarm of asteroids, hurtling them towards an unknown planet. Unbeknownst to Mills, this alien planet is revealed to be Earth, but 65 million years in the past.

Stranded on this prehistoric Earth, Mills finds himself as the sole survivor alongside a young girl named Koa (Greenblatt). With their lives entwined, they face a danger-riddled environment while navigating the language barrier and a broken translator. As they venture deeper into the treacherous terrain, they encounter Earth’s most formidable inhabitants, at least till the asteroids come along and wipe them all out—dinosaurs.

Unlike the latest Jurassic World instalments, where dinosaurs have learnt to do tricks like dolphins and whales in captivity, the beasts in 65 are very much the bloodthirsty predators we had come to fear in the OG Jurassic Park film.

Why watch 65?

Most critics may have panned the film, but viewers gave it a mixed reaction. While that may not be a major selling point, this dinosaur film doesn’t lack entertainment value. It offers a tangled mix of science fiction, action, and thriller elements, even though the world of 65 may seem just too dark and dreary to uplift your spirits.

But watching the protagonists face off against ancient predators and navigate the perils of a world on the brink of extinction has to have its own thrills. Everyone watching 65 on Netflix right now is proof of that.

Adam Driver, known for his ability to immerse himself in complex characters, brings his undeniable charisma and intensity to the role of Mills, elevating the film beyond its seemingly bizarre premise.

As 65 hurtles towards its cataclysmic climax, the visual effects and adrenaline-fueled action sequences can make for an adrenaline-fuelled watch.

So will you be watching it too? Check out the trailer before deciding!