‘The Imperfects’: Everything you ought to know about it
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'The Imperfects': Everything you ought to know about it

The Imperfects does the job of luring in the pool of potentially intrigued viewers best within the first episode itself. One of the hottest and most popular new shows on Netflix. Let’s dive into its plot. The plot follows three Seattle-based adults who underwent experimental gene therapy. This was done on a number of candidates to ‘fix’ any previously present genetic disorders. However, years down the lane, they turn into monsters as soon as their medication to control the side effects end. Who is the person responsible for this? Dr Alex Sarkov (Rhys Nicholson). 

These three adults are Abbi Singh (Rhianna Jagpal), a scientist, Juan Ruiz (Inaki Godoy), a graphic artist, and Tilda Weber (Morgan Taylor Campbell), a musician. The binge-worthy series of a teen fantasy drama also stars Italia Ricci as Dr Sydney Burke. How did the show reach the top 2 on Netflix within its first week of launch? There have been several reviews out there. A few of them include points on how although the show had some great supernatural bits, it never dug deep enough. 

Based on the name of the show, the series is filled with gory and dark scenes as well as constantly drinking characters. We are repeatedly reminded that we are faced with anti-heroes who are interested in getting better. When all three of them visit Dr Sarkov’s office for a drug refill, they get fooled by placebos. That is when they realised something was wrong. Once they reassemble, they realise the doctor had gone MIA on them. With the help of Sydney Burke, they launch a hunt to reach out to this unethical man they once believed in. 

What is interesting is the discoveries they make while hunting down the doctor. Dr Sarkov’s unethical interactions with his human test units are revealed. The test subjects from 7 years ago now wonder who is the real monster in this picture. The mystery is a theme used to heighten the intensity of every episode. Popularly known as the newest product under the ‘coming-of-rage’ series, the show explores the haunting effects of DNA corrections. 

If you liked the cinematography and aesthetic sets on Umbrella Academy, you are sure to like this one. From having a varying genre to diverse protagonists. Including a Latino man, an Asian woman, and an asexual, queer individual who identifies as a woman. The show is giving all kinds of modern mystery drama. From biohacking to new definitions of monsters. A must-watch for everyone looking to binge through something the next weekend! Especially with the limited set of ten episodes. 

If you are done with The Imperfects already and looking for other similar watches, a few could potentially be Spiderweb, Interceptor, Don’t Breathe 2, and Devil in Ohio. What you are looking for is a wide variety of thrillers that you can find here. The show will certainly leave you wanting more. Begin with the trailer here! 

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