The hilarious Riz Ahmed dark comedy storming the Netflix UK chart
(Credit: Netflix)


The hilarious Riz Ahmed dark comedy storming the Netflix UK chart

A surprising Riz Ahmed oldie, but a veritable goldie, has entered the Netflix top ten chart in the UK. The film was released 13 years ago and remains one of the most underrated comedies, which had a stellar team associated with it.

The critically acclaimed satirical dark comedy, Four Lions, directed by Christopher Morris, has nestled in at the seventh spot this week.

The screenplay, co-written by Morris, Sam Bain, and Succession creator Jesse Armstrong, offers a biting critique of societal issues with a twisted and sometimes morbidly comedic tone.

The film features a talented ensemble cast, including Riz Ahmed, Kayvan Novak before his days of living as a vampire in What We Do in the Shadows, Nigel Lindsay, Arsher Ali, and Adeel Akhtar. Together they deliver the comedy of errors that is the ingenious plot of the movie.

What is Four Lions about?

Four Lions follows the misadventures of a group of radicalised but bumbling British jihadists who are determined to carry out an act of terrorism. The four men from Sheffield hatch a hackneyed plan to become suicide bombers. Omar (Ahmed) and Waj (Novak) have a brief, disastrous run at a Pakistani training camp, while Faisal (Akhtar) works on an unlikely scheme to train crows to carry bombs. Everything culminates at the London Marathon with their inane attempts to disrupt the event dressed in ridiculous costumes meant to serve as decoys.

Despite a rather dark premise, Four Lions delves into the absurdity of the themes it tries to tackle with finesse, challenging stereotypes and inviting viewers to question their own preconceived notions.

Four Lions received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, earning accolades for its bold storytelling and exceptional performances. The film was nominated for several awards, including the BAFTA Award for Outstanding British Film, and won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Foreign Film. Morris won the BAFTA for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.

Ahmed’s portrayal of Omar, a conflicted would-be suicide bomber, was particularly praised for its depth and authenticity, solidifying his status as a talented actor.

Other films in the Netflix UK top 10:

Alongside Four Lions, the Netflix UK top ten list for the week of June 26th to July 2nd, 2023, features the Roald Dahl adaptation of Matilda The Musical, capturing the top spot for the second consecutive week. The action-packed Extraction 2 secures the second spot, followed by the thriller Run Rabbit Run, Paw Patrol: The Movie, Take Care of Maya, 10×10, Extraction, The Perfect Find, and I Give It a Year.