‘The Good Nurse’ ending explained
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'The Good Nurse' ending explained

The Good Nurse is the newest media project stirring true crime fans. The film covers the arrest of Charles Cullens, an infamous nurse serial killer who worked in multiple places in and around the area of New Jersey, murdering his victims. These victims did not range to a particular background. He would choose his victims randomly and drag them to kill them. 

The film follows the story of Charles (Eddie Redmayne) once he walked into Somerset Medical Center, where he met his colleague Amy Loughren (Jessica Chastain). Amy was a senior nurse in the same hospital and worked multiple night shifts to care for her children. Being a single mom and working closely with a serial killer affected her to the point that she quit after Charles got arrested. She moved and continues to find ways to cope with what happened. 

The film is based on journalist Charles Graeber’s account of the arrest, trial, and what happened before it. When it comes to the tone and general appeal of the movie, it’s skewed more to the darker side. Very aligned with the underlying plot and facts of what went on when Charlie was a nurse. 

Towards the end of the film, we see how Amy decides to work with the police to help them arrest Charlie by looking for evidence. However, she was very apprehensive about the whole situation as Charlie was helping her out with work and at home. The situation got so uncomfortable that even the day Charlie got arrested he was at Amy’s home earlier taking care of her children unannounced. 

Amy did a great deal to help the police arrest Charlie. Towards the end of the movie, Charlie refuses to accept the crimes he has committed. Except he talks to Amy and that’s when he agrees to commit the crimes for almost 40 people. However, it is assumed that the real murder rate was higher than that as there is no concrete way to find out. 

Right at the end of the cinema, Amy agrees to go to lunch with Charlie whilst wearing a wire. She makes sure he mentions the new medical facility that he was about to join. They said their goodbyes, and Charlie finally gets arrested on his way out. The police did not have enough evidence to arrest him, but they did it anyway. Especially as the hospitals refused to help them to maintain their reputation and save their face from insurance claims and legal attacks. 

The police arrest Charlie and that is how the film ends. An interesting take on true crime shows and films. The highlight has been on the victims, and there has been a paradigm shift in the perspective when it comes to this genre. Shows and cinema don’t glorify criminals. Rather, it is an anthropological take on trying to understand and identify signs of being one. 

Regardless of the horrid story, the film was subtle and beautifully shot, creating intense moments. Therefore, a must-watch! Catch the newest true crime gem streaming on Netflix now! Watch the trailer for The Good Nurse here!