‘The Glory’ takes the lead as Netflix’s most-watched release this week
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘The Glory’ takes the lead as Netflix’s most-watched release this week

The recent return of the popular Netflix K-drama series The Glory has caused a surge in viewing stats this week and has now taken the lead as the platform’s most-watched release of the week. The gritty vengeance thriller has totalled over 124million hours viewed so far and ranks in the Top 10 in 79 countries globally.

The report comes in accordance with Netflix’s latest weekly top ten list for most-viewed TV shows and movies from March 6th to 12th. Season one of the hit K-drama arrived in December 2022, and the creators have reaped the rewards for keeping fans tethered with a follow-up series planned for just three months later. 

The latest viewership figure for The Glory places it as the most-watched TV series across both the English and non-English top ten lists, surpassing other popular releases, including season four of You (75million), the docuseries MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (nearly 60million) and the second season of the Spanish drama Wrong Side of the Tracks (39million).

Luther: The Fallen Sun, the movie follow-up of the hit BBC series, was another notable entry for this week’s top ten lists. The movie saw the return of Idris Elba’s titular character as he broke from the clutches of the law. Despite positive reviews, some fans have noticed an inconsistency between the series’ ending and the movie, which the show’s creator has since commented on

Luther: The Fallen Sun topped the English Films chart on Netflix this week, racking up an impressive 66million hours viewed since its arrival on March 10th. Meanwhile, in second place on the film list is Naomi Krauss’ Faraway, with around 22million hours viewed. In third place is We Have A Ghost, which has racked up 13million hours in its third week in the top ten.

Watch the trailer for the second season of Netflix’s The Glory below.