The forgettable Bruce Willis action film soaring the Netflix charts
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The forgettable Bruce Willis action film soaring the Netflix charts

In a surprising turn of events, a direct-to-video Bruce Willis action film, A Day to Die, has secured its place on Netflix’s global charts.

The film was released on March 4th, 2022. Willis had 12 films released in 2022, all direct-to-video titles, coinciding with the announcement of his dementia diagnosis and subsequent retirement from the movie industry.

Now, A Day to Die claimed the tenth spot on Netflix’s top ten films list worldwide. It has garnered significant attention, ranking in the top ten in 21 countries, from Brazil and Chile to Uruguay and Venezuela. Within just one week, A Day to Die accumulated an impressive 6 million hours viewed, amassing a total of 3.4 million views.

Directed, written, and produced by Wes Miller, A Day to Die has an ensemble cast that includes Kevin Dillon, Bruce Willis, Gianni Capaldi, Brooke Butler, Leon, and Frank Grillo. 

The film follows the story of Connor Connolly (played by Dillon), a disgraced parole officer forced into a dangerous situation by a local drug kingpin, Tyrone Pettis (Leon). With his pregnant wife Candice (Butler) abducted as leverage, Connor must execute a series of dangerous drug heists within 12 hours to settle a $2million debt.

As Connor recruits his former teammates to assist in the heists, rescue his kidnapped wife, and seek revenge against the corrupt police chief Alston (portrayed by Willis). Alston, in an uneasy alliance with Pettis, becomes the primary target for Connor’s retribution. As the team executes each heist, they uncover a web of corruption that ties Alston and Pettis together.

Despite negative reviews and an abysmal box office performance, A Day to Die has found a new life on Netflix, demonstrating the enduring popularity of Bruce Willis no matter how low-budget the production may be.

You can watch A Day to Die on Netflix and catch the trailer here: