The “f**ked up” sex scene in Netflix’s ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’
(Credit: Netflix / Marie Weismiller Wallace)

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The "f**ked up" sex scene in Netflix's 'Brand New Cherry Flavor'

There aren’t many things that can turn off a Netflix audience. the streaming platform has so far been able to put through most of its shows with only a murmur of civil uproar. However, the new American horror series Brand New Cherry Flavor has got a lot of people talking thanks to its “f**ked up” sex scene.

The series has caused a social media storm with the scene becoming a part of a new TikTok trend that sees users watch the show “blind” and record their reactions to one particular scene.

The series revoles shall around the themes of “predators and prey”. This refers to a naive aspiring LA-based filmmaker Lisa N. Nova being called in by one of her favourite producers for supposed career advice. However, she spirals after the leech abuses her and resorts to supernatural elements to set the producer’s life “on fire” and “make him hurt”. However, things begin to deescalate, and she is caught in her personal hell of nightmare and anguish.

Rosa Salazar, who we might know from Alita: Battle Angel, stars in the lead role of Lisa N. Nova. The abusive producer, Lou Burke, is played by Eric Lange, while Get Out star Catherine Keener will be starring in the role of the witch who shall help Lisa in her quest for supernatural revenge.

However, such a quest usually comes with some kickbacks and Lisa experiences some weird goings-on. At first, Lisa begins to vomit newborn kittens, which feels strange enough. However, things get a little odder in episode four when Lisa wakes with a mysterious wound on her stomach that, once again, begins producing newborn kittens.

Later, Lisa invites over her new man Roy, (played by Jeff Ward) and things get even more bizarre. Roy strokes the wound and, in what is depicted as a sex scene, even puts his whole hand into the space.

TikTok, naturally, lost their minds when viewing this moment. One user called the scene “messed up” while another threatened legal action. On Twitter, the show has been called “f**ked up” and another simply referred to it as “wild”. Below, you can watch the full trailer for *Brand New Cherry Flavor*.