The five worst Netflix Original movies of 2022
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The five worst Netflix Original movies of 2022

Last year, we ended the year with a bittersweet compilation of the 10 worst Netflix Original films of 2021. This year is no different.

Netflix has released lots of new content over the years, delivering great work across all genres. However, after an economic meltdown at the beginning of 2022 — despite having a hugely successful 2021- Netflix decided to change its model by introducing ad-supported content and barring password sharing.

However, the platform’s actual problem boils down to its incessant creation of content and how it often prioritizes quantity over quality. By constantly adding new titles, which are often pretty drab and boring, they reinforce the concerns of auteurs like Martin Scorsese, who constantly worry about the effect of streamers on the future of cinema. 

While Netflix has produced quite a number of good films in 2022, namely The Adam Project, The Good Nurse, The Wonder, Hustle, Pinocchio, Glass Onion, The Gray Man and more, there have also been a huge number of let-downs this year. 

If you are interested in indulging in a bad film marathon, here are the five worst Netflix Original films of 2022, ranked from bad to worst: 

The 5 worst Netflix Original films of 2022

The Bubble – Judd Apatow

Here, on Best of Netflix, we had already given this Apatow film an abysmal rating. While the trailer of the film promised a well-balanced satire on the global pandemic and its effect on the film industry, involving a massive ensemble working on a parody film called Cliff Beasts 6 (a clear parody of Jurassic Park and other films with too many sequels and prequels in a franchise), it missed the mark. By a mile.

Starring Karen Gillan, Keegan-Michael Key, Leslie Mann, Pedro Pascal, Fred Armisen, Iris Apatow, David Duchovny, Vir Das, Guz Khan, Maria Bakalova, Peter Serafinowicz and Kate McKinnon, Apatow’s poor attempts of parody was mildly enjoyable and pretty hard to slog through. A boring narrative cannot be salvaged by occasional cameos and forced laughs- Apatow didn’t realize that.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – David Blue Garcia

With horrific ratings from Best of Netflix, Texas Chainsaw Massacre was doomed since its release in February 2022. While Tobe Hopper’s iconic and eponymous 1974 original was not meant to have any sequels, Garcia’s Netflix adaptation is the ninth film in the franchise, which is nothing short of dull, mundane and monotonous. It is time that filmmakers and production houses leave this franchise alone and move on to newer villains; do not taint Leatherface anymore by forcing him to partake in meaningless and frankly boring bloodbaths.

Starring Mark Burnham, Olwen Fouere, Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Moe Dunford, Nell Hudson and William Hope, among others, the film sees the psychotic Leatherface wreaking havoc on a group of people who frequent his town, leading to the sole survivor of his 1974 massacre to come, seek revenge.

Do Revenge – Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s acclaimed 1950 novel, Strangers on a Train, Netflix’s Do Revenge joins predecessors like Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 and Robert Sparr’s 1969 adaptations. Starring Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes in lead roles, the film seemed more intriguing in its two-minute trailer than the actual film.

Abound in cliches, the film is yet another high school revenge drama where the two main characters decide to swap their ideas to seek revenge on their respective bullies. The film is as big of a letdown as its ending and makes us wonder if Netflix should seriously begin considering their investments given their economic tumbledown.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone – John Lee Hancock

Stephen King is the master of horror. He has written several great horror stories, but Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is not the best of them. What prompted Netflix to adapt this story is beyond our comprehension. But things get worse when Netflix decides to take its own sweet time to introduce the main elements of the short story, making it quite boring and a pain to sit through.

The film focuses on pre-technology times when a boy named Craig meets the peculiar Mr. Harrigan and frequents his house to read to him. Craig gifts Mr. Harrigan a phone shortly before his death. Soon after the old man is buried, Craig begins to receive mysterious texts from his number.

365 Days: This Day – Tomasz Mandes, Barbara Bialowas  

Abysmal ratings, social media outrage and boycotting did not deter Netflix from turning the 365 Days franchise into a trilogy. The second part of the film is even less unbearable than the first, and even copious amounts of sex, and endless orgasms can make one go through this ordeal. Controversial for glorifying Stockholm syndrome and rape culture, this film has zero ratings on Rotten Tomatoes (unsurprisingly) and was butchered here on Best of Netflix.

Starting with nauseous and sweaty sex, the film soon shows how the rich housewife gets bored of the mafia husband whom she has known for just a year after being kidnapped (surprise, surprise!). She soon finds herself attracted to the new gardener, who is a perfect antithesis of her husband. Chaos ensues, and the film is an abominable culmination of a flimsy narrative and frequent dollops of sex.