The five most relaxing movies to watch on Netflix
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The five most relaxing movies to watch on Netflix

In need of a breather that January is already ending? Time flies fast, racing at the pace of most contemporary lives. When stress is reaching through the roof, and nothing wants to stop, it is time to indulge. It is then time to treat yourself to some warm tea, the comfort of your couch, and a relaxing move to keep you company. Lucky for you, Netflix has the perfect solution! 

Relaxing films often help the average fast-paced Joe and Janes of our world to slow down. A trait we often lack in our daily lives. To turn the gaze away from being glued to the phone screens for hours and remind us of the little bits of joy in life. 

Best of Netflix has gathered the five most relaxing movies to help ease the trauma of a brand new year. Expect to see additions from Owen Wilson, a Studio Ghibli masterpiece or two and an unexpectedly warm hit from Robert De Niro. If the first weeks of 2023 have been stressful enough for 12 months, then these movies will help you find some calm.

Cuddle up in warm fuzzy clothes, and enjoy the last days of winter with the right amount of warmth in your hearts. Let’s dive in! 

Five best relaxing movies to watch on Netflix

5. Marley & Me (2008)

One of the classics in the feel-good territory of the film world. Marley & Me serves as a reminder of how much our little fur friends have to offer to this world full of harshness. The story, of course, revolves around Marley, a young and free-spirited dog. He changes the lives of the married couple John Grogan (Owen Wilson), and Jennifer Grogan (Jennifer Aniston).

Marley grew with them and reminded them of the meaning of true joy and friendship. You are definitely in for one hell of an emotional ride if you are a first-time watcher. If you have watched this before, it is the right time to revisit a tale of a dog who is more than a pet. 

Marley & Me is available to watch on Netflix now.

4. Spirited Away (2001)

Whilst moving into a new town, a three-year-old family finds themselves confronted with a charming park. As they walk in, they realise there is much more behind the facade of an interesting spot. Young Chihiro finds herself lost within the boundaries of this charming old place and soon realises there is much more to it than what meets the eye.

From supernatural beings to an alternate reality. She finds her parents to be cursed and turned into pigs and realises the only way she can free them is by working. And the journey only begins there. Fasten your belts for one of the most charming fantasies of your life! 

Watch Spirited Away on Netflix now.

3. Julie & Julia (2009)

Julie & Julia is one of the most charming, feel-good movies out there. The story where expectations aren’t fully met, but that doesn’t lead to disappointment. Where the beauty lies in the journey rather than the destination, Julie Powell (Amy Adams) whips up a personal challenge and becomes a full-time house chef to complete a personal challenge she blogs about.

Although separated, there is a lot in common between Julie and Julia Child (Meryl Streep), a star chef of the times. They are united in the distance over the love of food and the passion that goes into it! Find out whether Julie was able to achieve her dream project and what came out of a year-long struggle! 

Watch Julie & Julia on Netflix now.

2. The Intern (2015)

Since retirement, seventy-year-old Ben Whittaker, one of Robert De Niro’s better roles, realises he is not cut out for the role. Tired of being home, missing his wife, and his life, he realises it is time to dive back into the world of work that he misses so much—beginning right at the lowest page of the hierarchy, an intern.

He starts his trial period at an online fashion site company run by a boss Jules (Anne Hathaway) who is sceptical of Ben’s abilities. To much surprise Ben proves himself to be a worthy asset both for the company and Jules’ personal life. Find out all about this cute and lovely movie once you dive right in! 

Watch The Intern on Netflix now.

1. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

Last but not the least, a movie that is worthy of being atop every feel-good and relaxing list that is out there till the end of times. Howl’s Moving Castle is a classic Ghibli production set in the world of fantasy. A faraway land where dreams and spirits are both real. When Sophie (Emily Mortimer) gets close to Howl (Christian Bale), a witch curses her to turn into an old lady to get to him. The Witch of Waste.

Soon Sophie embarks on a journey through miles to seek Howl’s help to break her curse. On her path to do, she befriends a number of people and gets incredibly attached to Howl himself. Let the world of wonder swoop you in for a journey you will never forget! With breathtaking visuals adorned by the most soothing music, this is a one-stop remedy to help you cope with all the stress in the world! 

Watch Howl’s Moving Castle on Netflix now.