The five most disturbing horror movies on Netflix 
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The five most disturbing horror movies on Netflix 

Horror as a genre is one of the most versatile forms of fiction. Not only do various subgenres exist with their own identities, but there are no boundaries when it comes to exploring the horizons of the genre. If you are a horror geek, you have stopped by the right place. Here is a list of the five most disturbing horror movies currently on Netflix. 

The following list includes some of the best films currently on Netflix in the genre of horror, including some very talented artists and directors.

One thing must be made clear before we proceed, this is not a list of the most highly-rated horror movies currently streaming on Netflix, this is a list of the most disturbing. So expect psychological horror, gory and gruesome scenes and the kind of characters to haunt your nightmares for years to come.

There are additions to our list from Natalie Portman, director Mike Flanagan and perhaps the greatest horror movie of the 21st Century from Jordan Peele. Below, find our list of the five most disturbing movies on Netflix.

The five most disturbing horror movies on Netflix 

5. Annihilation (2018)

Lena, played by Natalie Portman, is a biologist and former soldier, who undertakes a mission to find out what happened to her husband inside Area X, a terrible and unexplained phenomenon that is spreading along America’s shoreline. Once within, the expedition uncovers a world of mutant landscapes and creatures that is as hazardous as it is beautiful, endangering their lives as well as their sanity.

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4. Gerald’s Game (2017)

Let us start by thanking Stephen King for coming up with this fantastic plot. This one-of-a-kind film is created by him and Mike Flanagan’s stunning director. Other wicked genius projects he worked on include Ouija: Origin of Evil, Before I Wake, Hush, and The Haunting of Hill House. The plot revolves around a couple who travel to an isolated location in order to rekindle the flames of their failing relationship.

During foreplay after handcuffing his wife, Gerald passes away on top of her. While still handcuffed, she begins to lose her mind due to unfathomable sights.

3. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

Directed by Charlie Kaufman, this is a special kind of horror film. Not filled with jump scares or demons, this movie is a different take on the genre. Viewers have often described the feeling of watching this film as something weird creeping inside. When a woman, Lucy (Jessie Buckley), visits her partner’s home, things start getting weirder for her.

At the onset of the film, viewers were made aware of the morbidity hidden inside the thoughts of the woman and how that started affecting her relationship.

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2. The Platform (2019)

A prison from the future. The Platform is a vertical prison with a number of prisoners where they were served food on a platform. This platform travelled down all the way from the top floor, and all the people on the lower levels could only when the people on the level above were done eating. A mind-bending horror thriller, this film is sure to give you the eek. The twist? The prisoners were redistributed every few days, giving each person a chance to be at the top of the hierarchy.

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1. Get Out (2017)

When Chris’s (Daniel Kaluuya) girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams) invites him to meet her parents, he would have never guessed what was to come. This psychological horror and thriller capture how a family battling with their child’s interracial relationship unwinds into various folds. When things escalate over the weekend, Chris was taken aback and never imagined what he had gotten himself into. 

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