The five most controversial Netflix series
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The five most controversial Netflix series

Netflix has been the longest-standing online streaming platform in the world. With every new month, there is a constant influx of fresh new media. Whether it is an original or not, Netflix‘s shelves are filled with a variety of films and shows that offer something for everyone.

However, amongst the busy plots, there are often a few shows that stir the audience. Here are five most controversial Netflix series on the streamer now.

Netflix has secured a vast array of hit shows on the streamer, including popular hits like Stranger Things, Wednesday, Beef, and Money Heist. However, some of them particularly reached the headlines for the wrong reasons. Including controversial narratives.

As it turns out with the higher level of controversy, the split between viewers also becomes more distinctive. Whereas some viewers found a strong message endearing, others found murk within bold statements. Find out more below.

The five most controversial Netflix series

5. You (2018)

You has been one of Netflix’s most captivating thriller programmes. Joe Goldberg is a personable and well-read bookstore manager who has been assigned to New York City. He fell in love with Guinevere Beck the moment he met her. But love’s unending passion becomes an obsession, and things quickly spiral out of control, from stalking to blackmail. 

Similarly, the show covers every unpleasant encounter Joe has had in his life. When the darkness within finally seeps out into the outside world, he must face the repercussions of his actions. In spite of the show’s high ratings, viewers have often found it problematic how some people sexualised dangerous serial killer Joe Goldberg. 

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4. Atypical (2017)

Atypical is a coming-of-age comedy-drama about a 19-year-old boy on the autism spectrum who is looking for romance and freedom as he begins university life. Keir Gilchrist plays the character Sam Gardner.

The interesting aspect of this show, where it holds controversy, is how autism has been portrayed. A club of viewers disagreed with the presentation of it, they disagreed with the portrayal of certain traits. However, autism has a broad spectrum, and each autistic individual experiences different facets of it. So the expectation itself is unfair. 

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3. Insatiable (2018)

Patty (Debby Ryan) had been overweight for years, which caused her to be bullied, disregarded, and misjudged by others around her. As she suddenly loses all her weight, she wants vengeance on anybody who ever made her feel horrible about herself.

Enter Bob Armstrong, a disgraced lawyer who enjoys mentoring beauty pageant contestants. He takes Patty under his wing as one of the few individuals who sees her potential. First as a legal client, and then as a pageant candidate. Bob wants to train Patty to the top of the pageant world. Unaware of the lengths Patty had become capable of to get what she wants, soon chaos follows. Although the series aimed to portray the horrors of bullying in a world obsessed with body image, it felt far short of its mark.

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2. 13 Reasons Why (2017)

Hannah, a young woman who commits herself, is played by newcomer Katherine Langford. Clay, a classmate, discovers a mystery box on his porch two weeks after her sad death. Within the box are recordings made by Hannah, on whom Clay had a crush, in which she reveals the 13 reasons why she chose suicide. If Clay listens to the recordings, he will discover whether or not he made the list. Clay and Hannah’s twin perspectives tell this intricate and heartbreaking story. 

However, in spite of the unique perspective into the life of Hannah, viewers complained that the show often romanticized suicide. The audience has been constantly split with different perspectives about this through all the seasons. 

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1. Dahmer (2022)

One of the list’s most unsettling shows. Based on true-life events. The Jeffrey Dahmer narrative depicts the disappearance of several young men as they were targeted by the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The show emphasises how everyone involved in the tragedies is still scarred to this day. How young lives were cruelly massacred with little regard for mercy.

The story is told from the victims’ point of view. Therefore, giving the audience a more intense understanding of the horrors perpetrated on them by legendary serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. Although the show promised to highlight the victims and how the horrid incidents affected them and their families, it didn’t deliver. The attempt was half-hearted and the show missed a great opportunity to respectfully portray the lives of those who were lost. 

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