The five best horror series to watch on Netflix
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The five best horror series to watch on Netflix

If you are a horror geek in need of some serious binging, you have come to the right place. The horror series is a new and budding industry with immense potential, especially for the potential of unscanned growth within.

With more time in hand to build on the plot and intensity, giving viewers an unmatched experience of adrenaline, series may be the way forward for the genre. Here are the five best new horror series for you to watch on Netflix right now.

Expect to see entries from some of the genre’s finest minds, including a double entry from Mike Flanagan. These series may not deliver on the volume of jump scares, but it certainly does on drawing out the creepiest sides of the streaming platform.

Let us dive into the dark world of mind-bending plots in the realm of horror right here. Update your watchlist now, and get ready for some serious binging.

The five best new horror series to watch on Netflix

5. Freaky (2020)

Horror stories are often ridiculed for not having the most sincere plots. The story follows the life of a teenage girl who unintentionally swaps bodies. She does so with a middle-aged male serial killer (Vince Vaughn). This high school senior soon realises she has fewer than 24 hours to ensure the change isn’t permanent. A must-watch with any horror geek. And the bonus? A twisted narrative. 

Catch it on Netflix here.

4. The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

The second hit from the producers, The Haunting of Bly Manor is yet another true piece of art. When a young governess reaches Bly Manor she quickly realises there are deeper secrets hidden in the house. One of Mike Flanagan’s truest treasures. With a star-studded cast including Victoria Pedretti, Kate Siegel, Oliver Jackson, Carla Gugino, and Rahul Kohli, amongst many others. With a riveting story, this is not one to miss. 

Catch it on Netflix here.

3. Behind Her Eyes (2021)

This thriller series starring Eve Hewson as Adele and Tom Bateman as Dr David, is filled with plot twists. The series revolves around a single mother (Simona Brown) who begins an affair with her boss, who is also a psychiatrist. At the same time, she begins to befriend his perplexing wife. A journey filled with mind games and one too many twists. A truly intense journey. A truly undermined series with immense potential.

Catch it on Netflix here.

2. Devil in Ohio (2022)

This American thriller limited series was created by Daria Polatin. The series is based on Polatin’s own book called the same. With a total of eight episodes, the series begins with a psychiatrist (Emily Deschanel) who takes in a young patient. This very patient has escaped a cult. Soon the psychiatrist realises that she and her family’s life is in danger. Filled with eerie and darker imagery, the show is filled with a darkly atmospheric ambience. 

Catch it on Netflix here.

1. The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Directed by Mike Flanagan, The Haunting of Hill House is a re-imagination of a Shirley Jackson novel, following the lives of the children who grew up in the infamous haunted house in the country. After years, the siblings are faced with a challenge that forces them to go back together to revisit the ghosts of their pasts.

Ghosts continue to haunt the minds of the children, with a gifted cast including Timothy Hutton, Carla Gugino and Henry Thomas. This series is sure to knock off the seats of any invested viewer. Horror geek or not, the plot is one to fall in love with. 

Catch it on Netflix here.