The five best binge-worthy romantic series on Netflix
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The five best binge-worthy romantic series on Netflix

With the season of romance right around the corner, a summersault is about to over the world. For singles or for people who have met their matches, Valentine’s day evokes a sense of romance in almost everyone. With that in mind Best of Netflix compiled a list of the six best binge-worthy romantic series available on Netflix. 

Like Otis found Maeve in Sex Education and Mike found Eleven in Stranger Things for a few people, the choice is just that simple. Sometimes romance is also about philosophy. Romanticism is the philosophy of idealising environments and moments. It is a lot more than that, but for this article, let us stick to this version of it. 

Romantic shows have been present ever since the beginning of tv series. It is the best way to escape reality and let your heart get carried away with a few minutes of feel-good. As the new year continues to throw up global issues, it’s best to get snuggled up with a romantic series.

Below, we’ve gathered up our five favourites and the only choices you need to escape the doldrums of modern life.

Five best binge-worth romantic series on Netflix

5. Emily in Paris (2020-present))

The story of a girl who moves across the globe for a year. Emily in Paris is one very familiar story of Emily, who initially visited Paris for a year to work for her company’s offshore branch. Emily (Lily Collins) fills in. Soon she realises that her french trip turns out to be more of a dream come true. She grows through her mistakes and makes her own family in a country far away from where she was born. 

The story of love. Loving yourself, the new city, and falling in love with others. Filled with plot twists and exciting revelations, Emily in Paris is for sure one of the most compelling stories of finding love away from home. Catch the trailer for its newest season here and stream it on Netflix here now!

Emily in Paris Season Three official trailer

4. Bridgerton (2020-present)

Based on the romance novels written by Julia Quinn, this period drama highlighted the life of the Bridgerton family back in the 18th century. Filled with phenomenal plot twists, steamy love, and electrifying on-screen chemistry, this show is about to set your screen on fire. The first Netflix series from Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Inventing Anna, Bridgerton is here to serve you everything you love about Pride and Prejudice and beyond. 

You can also catch the newest season currently streaming on Netflix right here!

Bridgerton Season 2 official trailer

3. Uncoupled (2022)

Romance and phenomenal love also bring in a room filled with uncertainties. With time, a relationship grows, it evolves. But time only ages like fine wine when two people are equally willing and certain of their choices. What happens when after decades of being together, something still feels missing? This story focuses on the life of a man who falls from cloud nine when his partner decides to call it quits after seventeen years of togetherness. The reason? Even the protagonist is not aware of it. What happens next?

How does Neil Patrick Harris navigate the busy Manhattan dating lanes? Find out for yourself here!

Uncoupled official trailer

2. Little Things (2016-2021)

With love comes responsibility. Responsibility to ensure you provide a safe space for your partner to grow. That you offer your partner the comfort they are looking for. A partnership is much beyond just love. It focuses on the little things. Every little action, every little decision, every little gesture counts. This cute and adorable show highlights the intricacies of modern love and how a couple in the contemporary world navigate through the daily doings and undoings of their relationship. One to definitely make your toes curl.

Catch the trailer for this wholesome and feel-good show that really shines on what is important in a relationship. Watch Little Things currently streaming on Netflix here.

Little Things Season 4 official trailer

1. Jane the Virgin (2014-2019) 

With the season of love around the corner Jane the Virgin serves as the best watch on any list for the time out there. The show captures all forms of love that are possibly present on this planet. From the close bond shared by an immigrant family with different beliefs to that of pure love found in the teenage years.

Love for work, passion for one’s partner, love within motherhood and fatherhood. Every episode is filled with drama and leads Justin Baldoni and Gina Rodriguez to whip up one of the most steamy, loving, and emotionally driven shows of the score! Dive into the pool of feeling you did not know you were jumping into! 

Watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix here.

Jane The Virgin Season 5 official trailer