The first look at Millie Bobby Brown in ‘The Electric State’
(Credit: Millie Bobby Brown Instagram)


The first look at Millie Bobby Brown in 'The Electric State'

People often forget it, but Millie Bobby Brown is an accomplished actor outside of the Stranger Things universe. Cracking on with her career after the celebrated climax of the Duffer Brothers’ fourth series, the English actor has now been spotted on the set of The Electric State, the new Netflix movie she is starring in. 

She’s been busy recently, with the much-anticipated Enola Holmes 2 is set for release on Netflix on November 4th, and in addition to this, she has been spotted on a beach eating an ice cream walking alongside an actor in a motion capture suit on set of The Electric State

The film is an adaptation of Simon Stålenhag’s graphic novel of the same name, and it finds Brown as the orphaned protagonist roaming a retro-futuristic American west in search of her brother. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the script was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen Freely, who are most famous for their work on Avengers

The synopsis for the movie reads: “The story is set in an alternative future, where it follows a teenage girl (Brown) who realizes that a strange but sweet robot who comes to her has actually been sent by her missing brother. She and the robot set out to find the brother in an imaginative world of humans mixing with all manner of robots, uncovering a grand conspiracy in the process”. 

Adding to the excitement surrounding The Electric State is the rest of the cast, and it is brimming with familiar faces. Guardians of the Galaxy’s leading man Chris Pratt is involved, as is Michelle Yeoh, Stanley Tucci, Jason Alexander, Jenny Slate, and Succession’s Brian Cox. They will all be in the film in various capacities in the live-action and computer-animated sense.