The first full trailer for ‘The School of Good and Evil’ has arrived
(Credit: Helen Sloan/Netflix)

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The first full trailer for 'The School of Good and Evil' has arrived

The first brand new trailer for the hotly anticipated new film The School of Good and Evil has finally been shared by Netflix. Starring Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington, the movie looks like another blockbusting Netflix affair.

Based on Soman Chainani’s New York Times bestselling fantasy book series, The School for Good and Evil, Netflix is set to release a highly-anticipated live-action film that features Theron and Washington in the centre, among various other talented actors.

With Chainani serving as the executive producer, the film is being directed by Paul Feig. Feig is known for directing films like Bridesmaids, A Simple Favor, Spy and the Ghostbusters reboot. Chainani expressed his gratitude for the Netflix adaptation, saying, “To have one of your favourite directors adapt your book into a film for Netflix is an honour and a dream.”

The acclaimed writer went one further and praised Feig, saying that the filmmaker’s sensibility makes him the “master of tone” which is a “perfect fit for the twists and turns of The School for Good and Evil.”

The live-action film focuses on the various adventures of best friends Agatha and Sophie, who attend the magical institution of School for Good and Evil, where they receive training to become future fairy-tale heroes or villains. Chainani “wanted a magical school that felt like a Madonna concert” where there would be “high female energy [that’s] powering the school.”

True to his wishes, Theron and Washington dazzle in their roles as the teaser already gives off a powerful matriarchal vibe. While the bird drops Sophie off at the School for Evil, helmed by the glamorous and sardonic Lady Lesso, Agatha ends up at the school, which is run by the amicable and king professor Dovey. As they try and fit in with the ways of the fairytale world, dealing with the children of famous fairytale figures, the girls realise how ruthless things can get as they try and survive a major catastrophe.

Now we have the first trailer for the project, and it will surely bid to be one of the streaming platform’s best films of the year. See below the first trailer for The School of Good and Evil.